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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by farside12, Dec 28, 2002.

  1. I was sitting here reading a post reply crittur put up (about giving mrs. crittur and the kids all his money), and got to wondering (as I may face this situation at some point in the future)

    How do those of you who grow and have kids handle doing the same at once? Do your kids know? Do you hide it? Have any of you had your kids who previously didn't know stumble upon your growing effort? How do you hide something like an "off-limits" room?

    All these questions are begging to be answered. Let me know what you think/ how you manage/ etc.

  2. Since no one has replied, I'll take a stab. If I need to qualify my reply… I shall.

    I say that if you are growing and have children, and IF by growing you can risk losing your children, then you should NOT grow. Simple.

    Shortest thing I have ever written in response to a serious question.

    Den Activist
  3. I say just stick it in a cabinet in the bathroom with a lamp in it, and put a lock on the cabinet.
  4. this is a question i had to think about alot before i decided to have a go at indor myself , as i have three sproglets myself alot of thought went into how and where i could do this, because its not just the kids you need to keep it from its the prying parents and nosy neighbours that im more woried about.

    when i was looking at a house to buy iwould check it out for good growing spots that werent going to be obvious to anyone, but in the end i came to the opinion that getting everything i wanted in a house just wasnt possible, but it wasnt till after i bought that i actually found a perfect spot that no one would ever find unles i showed em and to this day no one has or will.

    so anyway now that i had a spot the next challenge was constructing a room without the kids wondering where i was and what i was doing, and thats where some very late nights came into play, andstill do when tending to my garden.

    now that i have it up and running my only prob is the smell!
    i think ineed some of that juicy fruit that critters using that cold be the go !

    now i wouldnt even think of doing this if i knew id do time if busted or put my kids at risk but i only do two plants at a time and thats only a minor offence where im from , but anyone thinking of growing that has kids should think about it long and hard about the concequences before doing so !!
  5. Well i would have to sayon that and my fiancee have his 4 yr old and 2 yr old and its a bit hard to grow close to home because his 4 yr old is a bit nosey plus his ex wife used to abuse the kids so we got children services comeing in and out, So I would say the best way to grow at least for us is away from the house..........of course its seasonal but its better than risking his kids............
  6. my 3yr old daughter loves to help me water the plants, she even says "goodnight" to them....
  7. im 15 ... and my parents let me do the growing ... my dad doesnt agree with it ... but my mom is ok .... its funny ... cause my dad is more of a stoner .. u'd think he be less againts plants...
  8. i just told my kids i dident know what kind of plants they where.....

    maybe they will be tomatoes!.....

    and noone has asked me sence......

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