Growing with coco coir outdoors, help! :)

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  1. Hello fellow outdoor growers,

    this will be my first grow and I'm planning on doing it outdoors guerilla style.
    I will be growing some Lowlife Hindu Kush -

    It's small and barley smells because it's a master kush cross! :D

    OK, so I will be travelling to the guerilla grow via bike, someone on another thread told me to use coco coir because it's lighter and expands with water when you need to use it.

    I was just wondering if coco coir is suitable for outdoors and if these pellets that I am buying can be merged together to make one big medium: eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d

  2. Yes you sure can they work great. Add dolomite lime to them though (5-10 cups per bale of decompressed coco). Also add 20-30% perlite. I use coco but mix it half with peat moss and lime. I never used it pure but heard some guerillas use it so with good results. Don't skip the lime as pure coco mediums need more lime supposedly.
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    OK cheers for the info man!! :)

    When do I start using the dolomite lime and also what nutes do you recommend for coco coir outdoor growing :)
  4. mix the lime once the coco is decompressed
    outdoor nutes

    flowering (place at bottom): 5 pounds kelp, 10 pounds high p guano
    veg (mix in): 10 pounds horse manure, 5 pounds castings

    that's for about 30-40 gallons of soil

    just water with plain water until end

  5. Wow. 30-40 gallons of soil.

    I'm growing lowlife hindu kush which is said to grow at 14 inches and I was planning to make it a small grow because it's my first grow and I'd actually be fine if all I got was 3 grams from harvest :p

    I'd probably be keeping it in an 8.1 litre pot (2.1 US Gallons) and topping/fimming it and possibly low stress training it to keep it small + bigger buds.
  6. well then just divide the proportions for your needs

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