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  1. ok so my baby is 3 1/2 weeks under 4 23w cfl and two 6in fan one intake one outtake and here is what it is looking like just moved to the bigger pot two days ago

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  2. I must say, it looks very healthy. Keep on doing what you are doing and it will turn into a nice plant.
  3. very compact, bigger pots probably going to mean more light required, shes going to grow alot bigger.
  4. thanks i got more lights just have not put them in yet
  5. Ok Now I Got four 26w Daylight cfl's and 4 23w Soft White cfl's they are N-Vision
  6. How big is that pot in the pic?
  7. sounds like a good ammount of light man, have you topped that plant? topping and lst would be your best option for low power cfls.

  8. 12inch pot

  9. nope i will not lie i dont know where to cut it at

    i was going to try LST
  10. cut just under the new set of leafs growing at the top
  11. and that will make it stay short and grow two colas right??
  12. Am I mistaken or is that a lowryder?
  13. i dunno ill keep pics coming its a bag seed
  14. Beautiful plant I hope mine turn out like this!
  15. if anyone knows what it is by lookin at it i would like to know
  16. yes it will if you need it real short just top it a few times and im shure theres a thread around here that has pictures of how to do it
  17. hey thanks i think im going to do that when i do ill post pics
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    ok guys here ya go i topped her about five min ago

    1st pic is before
    2nd pic after
    3rd what i cut off
    4th and 5th just an update of how she is doing 4weeks pics are before i topped

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  19. it looks like a cannabis plant to me lol. sorry no real input.

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