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growing with black walls?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ctcoyote16, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. when growing do you always need to have a reflective or white surrounding surface? I know it reflects alot of the light, but my sister told me her ex boyfriend grew in his closet and used black trashbags, black curtains (anything black) , etc... to not really reflect the light, but to make it from leaking out.
  2. bro im not to sure about the black walls, try white curtains first then black behind them. A great place for a light is awesome place..
  3. Well right now my grow box is lined with a black leather curtain, which prevents ALL light from escaping (its the only thing that does {its a rubbermaid grow})

    And , I will make this clear, painting is not an option
  4. It's highly recommended that you use white or another reflective material around the plant to reflect the light as evenly as possible to your plant. Black is probably the worst thing you could have around the plant, as it wont reflect light to regions of you plant at all. Don't use black!
  5. Also, I just noticed you seem to be stuck on the idea that the point of having things around the plant is to stop light from getting out, you want this, but it's more important to stop light from coming IN, especially when your plant starts the flowering phase.
  6. Well actually, I just realized how stupid I am.

    I totally forgot about the white/black poly shit.

    Also, my rubbermaid tub is lined with a black leather curtain because its the only thing that keeps light out.

    I never realized until now that its going to be like an oven in there, even with good ventalation.

    I will have to look into that black/white poly stuff, (since painting isnt an option), but do you think it will be enough? If not, I can just double layer it right?

    P.S., anyone have a link to this stuff or its exact name? Thanks
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  7. I'm also growing in a rubbermaid tub, which I flipped over, and lined the insides with white reflective paper on the inside, and tin foil on the top to reflect the lights toward the plant. I think some would argue, but I think white surfaces reflect better than tin foil or anything like that.
  8. dude... Tin Foil

    what up cyote!
  9. Is the tinfoil totally light proof?

    (does light shine through the tinfoil, and make the tub grow?)

    Thanks a bunch.
  10. i dunno... but u totally just shut me down....

    not even saying hi :(

    yeah but i dunno bout the tinfoil... its awesome for reflection.
  11. I didnt shut you down, I was just too pre occupied by attending to the tinfoil statement above.

    Anyway, im cool, whats up with you?
  12. lol... well i say using white is better, in most cases because you can just paint it on, and it's just much easier to come by. i mean it's not hard to get tin foil, but you know what i mean. yes, tin foil will keep the light in. tape it up with the shiniest side facing the plants.
  13. Affirmative.

    I just tested it, and light does not shine through tinfoil.

    Looks like I got some more work to do on the grow box.

    Thanks guys.
  14. Mm hmm.. good luck with your grow, man.
  15. i woudl think white would work the best...cause tinfoil wrinkles, and that would yes reflect light to parts of the plant that don't get it from above, but also the wrinkles i noticed cause weird shadows and stuff and the light's just like bouncing around randomly, but maybe that's good...iunno, anyone ever try lining a grow space with mirrors?? that'd be pretty cool...
  16. Yes, I've seen people use mirrors before, but I personally think that's just a huge waste of money.
  17. tinfoil gets hotspots... if you do use it make sure there isnt any crumps in it..

    if i was you i would purchase some mylar.

    mylar > tinfoil..

    or some white paint but u said painting wasnt a option.

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