Growing with an LED setup. Less heat / less power

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by inhale, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. LEDs are definitely the future for lowcost lighting, however I think it will be quite some time before they will be able to be utilized for growroom setups.
  2. i have no used LED's but i would love to experiment.. they are cool and give off good spectrums, no heat, and use very little energy led's are the future!!
  3. Now with that new BC Hydro law passed in Canada, LED technology for growing pot will be here quicker than most people think. This guy's setup uses only 63 Watts. His LEDs are made specially for him in China. He sells the LEDs and setup.. but until further testing, I wouldn't buy anything. Check out the link I posted above and follow his posts, some are pretty informative on the subject.

    I want to spread the word on this because the more people who find out, the more motivation the guy will get, and we might be able to get some knowledgable people on the bandwagon. I'm hoping for a 100% working setup soon. Low heat output, low power usage, and no need for a timer, because the circuit board can be controlled via computer, so programming really strict timings and other things will be feasible.

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