Growing With Advanced Nutrients

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Bustrofeda, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Hi guys. My name's Lorenzo, I'm from Switzerkand, so I beg your pardon for my orrible english XD
    This year I will grow two plats outdoor, and I decided to use fertiliser of advanced nutrients. I'm going to use: Mother earth super tea (grow and bloom), Bud candy, Bud factor X, Bud ignitor, and Rhino Skin. What do you think about it? Did you use these products? Is it a good mix? Thanks a lot!
  2. You never use Advanced Nutrients?
  3. Those things dont grow good bud, you do. So, id learn what you can while applying them nutes as lightly as possible, that shit is simply not needed.....if your outside, you really dont need all them nutes, maybe someone else can explain, or maybe im wrong, best of luck
  4. Thank you for your opinion. Anybody else?
  5. i don't really use these products, mainly i just use some basic liquid plant food a few times a month and get massive plants. The plants will show signs when nutrient deficient or when the plant has a surplus of nutrients.
  6. Organics period ditch the overpriced chemicals save the planet andyour health. Builda quality super soil and all you have to dois water and maybe a tea or two.
  7. My backyard right now, Nor Cal chemmies just mother nature. Soils I built myself and teas I make myself. Best buds ever in my book. Rocked it last year too.... IMG_20130618_191418.jpg
  8. What do you think about Mother earth super tea, of Advanced Nutrients?
  9. ^ its pretty good tbh, that and iguana juice are what i use both are AN and both are 100% organic
  10. What's better, iguana or mother tea?
  11. AN is the shit for indoor. Outdoor I do not touch it. You could make 100 gal of your own tea for the price of that little Mother Earth tea bottle.
  12. Where can I buy a economical tea?

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