Growing with a ten year old child , is there a big risk ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Jakesparks202, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. My wife wants to chuck my plants cause of this "issue" can someone help me educate her , I have my recommendation as well , and love in California

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  2. With the indoor grow, you can hide the smell with the filters but there is noise. My 4 yr old grandson noticed the fans/lights coming on one night when he was spending the night....when he was 3. But he is a tad bit more perceptive than the normal child. Blows my mind sometimes. If you can grow your plants somewhere far enough away from the family that the noise doesn't make them curious, you can definitely disguise the smell...which is the other giveaway. But....children today aren't stupid. I wouldn't even begin to try pulling it over a 10 yr old's eyes. LOL They're definitely no dummies and most, by that age, have been heavily educated about drugs by the school and local PD's. When my husband and I were raising our children, we just told them the truth. We didn't hide it from them because we weren't ashamed of what we were doing. I sat them down and had a heart to heart with each of them and that was that. Never had any problems out of our two boys. But now that I look back on it, it could've easily caused problems. I guess because it wasn't a big deal to them, they never had anything to say about it. LOL If you have lots of space in your home where you can get it out earshot, you might have a chance. But it would definitely be tough to keep one that old from knowing what's up. The supplies you have to have around and all the other stuff involved with a grow aren't easy to just flat out hide. Best of luck though. If you want them bad enough...and if you smoke much at all, you definitely should grow your own, you'll figure out a way. LOL TWW
  3. I don't know, does your child do much to help with the grow? Maybe crawls under the scrog to water the ones in back? Is it a 50/50 cut or..? An allowance type of deal maybe?

    Okay.. I think I'm far too high, but with a title like that I couldn't help but mess with ya ;)
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  4. Lol yeah I guess your right, he hides lego guys in them lol , hanging from branches and stuff lol . Know your messing but ,,he things the plants are cool . And he said thy smell good ‍♂️‍♂️

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  5. Cannabis is legal here in California you and your wife have nothing to worry about, I let my kids help in the garden. What's the problem? It's a plant, no more the days, they go to school and get brainwashed by d.a.r.e to snitch at school about pops plants. They're are going to be educated on this wonderful plants, not sheltered from it. I mean there are WeedMaps billboards being posted, its going to be more in your face getting closer to 2018, get used to it now :smoke: Id suggest educating your wife on the progression of the plant as well.
  6. Yeah, that's my take as well. It's legal, what's the issue?

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