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Growing white widow

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ratmosphere, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Alright guys so I got some white widow seeds to germinate and now they're in a plant pot in direct sunlight. However, when I check up on them the soil looks dry. I don't want to over water them, should I spray them with water every few hours or so? Also, how long does this strain take to grow and be harvested?
  2. Have you put them directly in soil for germination? If so the medium should be damp (and I mean damp not soaked) at all times till you see a sprout. Dampen the area and place a half cut bottle or bag over the seed site. My method works 99% of the time. Wrap the seed in a paper towel, spray it with a spray bottle till its damp then throw it in a zip lock bag, then place it in (what I use) an aeroplane toiletries bag and chuck it in a warm place. Should sprout in a couple of days. Then plant it normally. Hope thus helps.

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  3. You never ever EVER water a plant (of ANY size) until you can lift the container it's growing in and feel NO weight. Any weight is water contained within the soil and it's not time yet. Unless the pot is light as a feather when you pick it up, put it back down and go away. Rest the temptation to mess with your plant all the time unless you want to kill it. Right now it needs nothing but light and plain water and will be this way for a few weeks. Nutes feed plants, light grows don't think nutes are going to grow you a mammoth. Got to have the light to grow the plant. But keeping constant wet roots will get your a fine case of root rot. Let them dry out all the way to the bottom of the container before watering again!! TWW
  4. Keep them out of the sunlight until they sprout. That will prevent the soil from drying out as fast. They won't need light until they break through the soil. A heat mat can also help speed things up a little.

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  5. Awesome! Thanks guys.
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    Checked today and saw that the soil was bone dry. I sprayed it until the top soil was moist. I won't be able to water it again until after work tomorrow. It's day 4 and I think everything is going smooth. However, there is one problem. Once I get the plant at a decent size, I cannot keep it on my outside deck anymore due to my roommates. I also do not wish to use LED's or other indoor lighting. Would direct sunlight on a window sill be alright? I'm not looking for crazy yields, just want to experience growing. An other question; what if rain was on the forecast for 4 days in a row? Could I bring it inside with no sunlight or will this kill my plant?
  7. On a window sill is fine. Here in the Netherlands people grow their own shit on window sills all the time. My advice would be to go the full hog and get a tent and a light with some extraction but you will still yield from a window in direct sunlight. Just not as much.

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  8. Just checked on my plant today. It is day 5 and the plant is still the same size it was at day 4. Shouldn't it be bigger? I have it outside in the sun for about 8-9 hours and confused on why it seemed to stop thriving like it did the first two days.
  9. Quick question. Are they autoflowers?

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  10. No idea man, just giving it light and water. 8-9 hours of sunlight a day with a nice water spray in the morning and a deeper spray at night. The reasoning for the water cycles is because the soil dries out in the day.
  11. Well to answer your previous question. The main reason plants don't go crazy in the beginning is because they are forming roots in the soil. Once this is finished it's initial root growth you will see something. Autos have a tendency to not move for like a week and a half after initial the growth spurt. Hence me asking. Give it time and don't be impatient. If the soil is drying out to around about 1-2 inches into the soil (test with finger) then it needs a watering not a spraying. This can also slow shit down. Plants need water to grow so if the medium is dry then it won't grow.

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  12. Also just to add....8-9 hours of light is not enough really. Most vegetating cannabis needs minimum 18 hours of light for healthy growth. Autos will take whatever light you give them....8, 12, 18, 24 they don't care. Photos will need the 18

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  13. So I guess it's safe to say that mine is an auto? What if it rains? Could I take it inside for a few days with no light? I might sound stupid when I say that but it's my only option. Heres what I have on day 6.

  14. I can't see the picture as for some reason I can see some but not others. Anyway. If after 4 weeks you see white hairs its a feminised auto. If not then its a photo. If its the auto then whatever light will do it but as much as possible. Even a bunch of cfl in the corner of your room would be OK. If it's a photo then you have a problem. It will need more than 12 hours of light to veg sufficiently. Otherwise you're going to end up with a Hermie and no buds. Take my advice and get some type of timed light on that plant and hope the gods shine favourably on you. Good luck with it.

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  15. I'm on day 10 and the plant is getting larger. When should I put it in a new pot? I'm going to re-home the plant in the woods where direct sunlight hits every day in this pot.
  16. This may not be enough but its all I can do because it's shitty out. Is this a fire hazard? It's stacked up on 3 shoe boxes.

  17. C'mon guys! Someone has to know!
  18. That's not going to work the seedling will stretch.... take that shade off and somehow mount the light fixture sideways so the side of the bulb is just 3-4" above the top of the seedling

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  19. How about if I elevate the pot so it's closer to the light?

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