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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by NinjaToker92, May 11, 2011.

  1. So I live with my parents who are conservative and not tolerant of weed. So i don't grow at there house or anywhere at the moment because that would be bad. Right now i'm saving up 1000 dollars so i can buy the stuff to grow my own when i move out. I was wondering if this HTG Supply - HTG 1000w Grow Tent Kit in a shed with carbon a carbon filter would work. If i buy that and a carbon filter to go with it, what else do i need?
  2. Need pots, PH testers balancers, nutes, soil, ducting, fans, power strips, zip ties, duct tape, beer, music, more beer, more loud music. Need to read all the guides while you wait. Might get some pest control stuff for the inevitable pest that might arise, some type of external odor control.
  3. The only thing I would add is be careful growing in a shed. Depending on the climate where you are you may have heat (especially with 1000w) and or humidity issues. Too hot or too cold and you will have issues. Too much humidity you may end up with a mold issue.
  4. Overlooked shed. Alot of people grow in them and alot have issues. Sheds get very very hot, tend not to be bug proof either. Ever walk in one in a hot summer day its like a dam oven in there. They have no insulation. You will probably spend alot of time just trying to control the climate in there.
  5. yeah 1000w without an air cooled reflector and good fan is like a space heater......

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