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Growing weed :)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PnP420, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Ok, Ihave: 1 AfghanKush seed, 1 PurpHaze Seed, 2 NrthrnLights seeds, 2 AfghanKush X WW seeds, 2 BluberyGum seeds, and 1 OGKush seed. do i take for example the two nrthrn light seeds and plant them tgether in the same cup since theire the samestrain or do ineed another cup for the secondseed?. and ok if iwere to makeabox thats reallytall and put lights and fans in it what lights and fans would you suggest for that many plants? i was looking at the square panel with orange red and white lights. but just send me a link to EVERYTHING i need for the lights if im making a box. and do i need to have reflecting walls ( the tin foil looking stuff?). Andwhat scheduleshould i usefor thelights like howlong would i leavethis light on ect. and what happens when the plants get to tall to keep in the box or will they not get that tall? Thx Im a bginner at growing. dnt knw anythng about it if u culd just answer in order, i know its confusing.:confused:
  2. Wrong section. Go to the cultivation section you will find A lot of info
  3. Sorry for being such a shity post, i was in a hurry so i typed it really fast. probly doesent make sense if ur high lls
  4. O ok thanks bro
  5. 1 cup per seed, any fan that doesn't blow like a hurricane, cover every surface inside the box with aluminum foil, if its just 4-6 plants u could just use some simple energy efficient light bulbs, make sure to take away the males and grow them in a second container, if you need to know the difference look it up on google lots of guides, if this is your first time you and you have a pretty large amount of plants for a beginner, so harvest at aroun 2-3 feet thats around a 2-3 month period, and if it works make some money and invest on some top notch growing necessities, hoped i helped :)

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