Growing weed??

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  1. Wanted to try and start growing some weed and was wondering if anyone had any tips?
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    Welcome to the the city. :weed-4: I would start in this subforum of the growing section. Here you go: Absolute Beginners
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  3. Hi guys I am a 1st time low budget grower. I recently had some sour D's, found a seed and I germinated it for abt 6 days, root came out and i planted it I want to say early beginning of January I am using earth grow medium soil. I am using 0 nutrients (all natural) Its i'd say atleast a month and the growth process seems very slow. I am using 2 23watt 2700k cfl lights both giving off a total of about 3,300 lumens together, started wt a single 14 watt cfl (900 lumens) for most of the plnts growth. Just changed today to the 2 23watt cfl's, I have abt 3 nodes of leaves and its quite small but looks healthy. I am honestly just looking for suggestions and ideas I CAN DEFF POST PICS for a better idea of my (ghetto but what I think decent setup). Im just doing this for experiment and just a lil personal smoke, I put a $0 investment in this so dont expect much, but something small. Please help guys I have DONE A LOT OF FESEARCH. NO HURT FEELINGS ALL COMMENTS APPRECIATED

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