Growing weed makes me smile.

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  1. Well im like my 4th grow and i think im getting better at this. These are by far my best looking plants yet and everytime i look at them i get the biggest smile on my face lol.

    Here they are on 12/19. I switched to 12/12 cycle on 12/22. Thats alot of 12s
    Front right and back left are death star. Front left is afghan kush. back right is sour diesel.

    Here they are 7 days later. 12/26

    Here they are today i think theyre pretty. Theyve all been lst'd. One of the death star and the afghan have been fimmed. And you can see in the one pic that branch leaning over, its what im calling an accidental super cropping :). I was moving them and bent it over by mistake.
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    Lookin good gonna be tight in there. I get the grins everytime i check on my ladies too. Cool your plants 10-15 degrees at night when shes finishing and i bet you get purple out of your sour d.
  3. Ya im gonna move them into the bigger room in a few weeks, or whenever they outgrow this box. Its definetly gettin tight. This is my first time doin sour diesel, im gonna try coolin it down more at night. I would love to grow purple buds lol
  4. Wait til within the last 3 weeks. Your final flush should help bring it out as well.
  5. Yes, looking good so far. Would say that the accidental super crop will be worth it in the end lol
  6. Friends outdoor this year was so deep it was near black.
  7. I like my girls short an fat lol.


    You guys think that light on the floor helps any? The canopy was gettin thick so i just laid that in there for supplemental lighting. Its just a 4' shop light with 45watt 6500k bulbs.


    Cant hurt, right? Plus i heard multi spectrums create denser buds.
  8. I doubt that the shoplight will hurt, if anything it'll give a little light to the buds/leaves that are feeling neglected
  9. Got a usb cam from my friends mom today to check out my trichomes. Took couple snap shots just messin around.


    I think they r clear. Maybe starting to get cloudy. They r sour diesel, tomorrow is the end of 7 weeks in flower


    Its kinda difficult to hold perfectly still to get a good pic. I need to jimmy a little somethin up to hold the bud and the cam together
  10. If you have a digital camera, almost all of them have a macro mode and timer function. If you do, look for a youtube vid on the macro mode and your model as the fastest way to learn it. Gotta use the timer with it, so theres no movement. They are so much easier to use than the usb microscope. I bought one also, then I fooled around with the camera and wish I did before I bought a microscope.

    The bud can be taken with one pic and then zoomed up to trich level.
  11. Thanks man! ill try that. I didnt buy this usb cam i was just borrowing it to see if i wanted to buy one. You may have just saved me some cash.
  12. No problem. Heres the first pic I took after fiddling with the camera. Sry for jacking your thread. Totally zoomable to almost microscope level when its on the computer screen. Just have a nice light shining on it. Camera is a cannon a620, 8 year old camera and I just now start learning this stuff :)


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