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growing weed in the woods?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by Tehmunchies, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. so pretty much my whole backyard is woods... like every inch of my backyard haha. So could i just plant it out there, would i need a special light or anything? would it get enough sun?

    basically how would i go about growing weed in the woods?
  2. happens all the times but i think season matters

    like norcal and oregon have good outdoor weather but its summer spring shit i think
  3. well i live in washington (not DC)

    so would that work? id just have to do it in the summer?
  4. i believe for outdoor growing you want to play in the Spring, so best to wait until next year...maybe around april.

    second hand info i have gathered from outdoor growing research
  5. alriught. si do i just plant it in the ground or do i get a pot and get nice herbal soil and stuff?

    sorry im noob to this :(
  6. its fine dude jus read around the stickies and they should answer your basic questions
  7. A good idea would be to start them out by germinating them in a paper towel then move them to small pots just outside your house if you can. This way you can easily water/watch them so they have a better chance of survival when you finally put them in the ground. This is what I do.
  8. how do i germinate?
  9. Get a kitchen plate, wet 2 sheets of paper towel(not soaking wet, just damp), lay them on the plate,
    place the seeds on it, take another sheet of paper towel, dampen it, lay it on top of the seeds.
    Wait a few days but make sure the towels are damp at all times, don't dare let them dry out.
  10. to germinate the seeds what you can do is get three paper towel make them pretty damp but dont soak them and puth the seeds on this first sheet put the other on top and let them sit in a dark area until you see like a pointy white tail poke out of the tip of the seeds then plant
  11. There's a whole forum here at GC on outdoor growing, check it out.
  12. ok i have these seeds that r like 2 weeks old will those work?
  13. They should work fine. Seeds keep a long time.
  14. If your plaiting in the woods make sure to find a spot that get alot of light durin the day.
  15. awwright ill dampen p these seeds tonight

    and yeah thats the problem thoguh theres almost no sunlight cuz theres all woods, i wish in could upload a picture to explain better. i live on like a 5 acre propert but its church property and most of it is woods so i need to plant in the woods i couldnt plant anywhere else.
  16. what kind of trees or in your yard??
    and what part of the world are you in ?? if you are in the US and start those seeds today grow them indoors until spring you will have one F'in big plant by Oct, witch will be seen from outer space no doubt , haha!

  17. uh idk what kinda trees?? lol?
    yeah i think ill grow it in my file cabinet until it gets a lil bigger.
    what kinda soil and stuff should i get for it?
    and im in washington the state, not DC
  18. there are trees that will kill your plant ! like pine trees! chestnut trees, Manatoba maples ect...... there is a list of them !! and if you plant close or under them they will kill you plant thats what they do to make sure they get all the rain and sun!!
    try reaserching your project a bit more

  19. im in washington bro, pine trees are everywhere and theres no other trees.
    what do i do?

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