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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by phatcat, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. The old lady is cool w/ me smoking, but I think she'd be a bit hesitant to allow me to gather up all the supplies to make a good grow closet out of some space in the house, so while I'm still living with her (only half a year more I hope!), I want to grow a few plants on the side of the house. Last time I did that, Corn plants made for really good cover. They grow tall and cover a lot of area. I had a couple bagseed plants gettin' around 3' tall when my sister plucked them out after a much heated arguement. (That bitch!) That pretty much tore my heart out, but recently, I cleaned a good load of crappy bud and littered the seeds on top of really lose soil and then kinda planted them by gently padding down the soil to be nice and firm. Now, I can see them starting to sprout.

    My question is, will my plants suffer from being around the Corn? Other than obvious root tangling being a problem if they're too close, could there be any other complications?

    BTW, my plants were pretty healthy last time growing under the shades of Corn. If no one can give me a good reason NOT to grow with Corn as your cover, then I would recommend anyone do it if they think the situation is appropriate. (I live near a park with a big brick wall, but I don't want my plants to be in plain site should anyone get too nosy and look over. My mom didn't know about the 3' weed plants in her/my garden until my sister plucked them out, so I guess it worked well!)
  2. There are a LOT of corn fields that are a cover for MJ.

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