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  1. First timer but always on reading posts. I know this is crazy but I'm in Tampa and from Cleveland and just sick of the quality here. Problem with Cleveland is the prices so by the time I get it here it costs way too much. So I'm thinking of flying to Colorado or possibly growing myself. I go through 4 grams a day so it adds up after a while. I have ADD and bad anxiety and I literally have up all the narcotics they were prescribing me for just three blunts a day. I know plenty of people in Cleveland and Tampa just not anyone in Col or Cali. Just looking for honest opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. For the price of an ounce you can have a small set up to make your own meds. Don't know your budget but you SAVE big time and any investment you make on it will pay for it its self many times over. If all you do is buy, your investment is more temporary till you burn through it.

    My two cents, take that flight money and that weed money get a nice led set up. In 3 months (you can go from seed to plant there are even strains that take 35-45 days from seed) you will have top notch smoke. Even more, you know what's in it.

    I also found that people wh deal and sell, sell more then just cannabis. I seen them go down in flames and never wanted to be around it. It's not a big time and stress saver, but it's safer imo.

    Also a side note, I have some bad add as well. I found growing to be very peaceful and focusing... Doubt that's just me, but it's relaxing.
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  3. You know the only scary part about growing is I have a family. I'm looking at property now with a trailer on it to buy for my business and if that works out geat. I also help some old guys out on the side to at least cover what I do so I actually buy quite a bit but if I grow I don't have I worry about that.I just find it very strange that I have met alot of people here in Florida and they really don't know what good cannabis is. Florida's laws on growing suck too. I like my sphincter the way it is and don't want to see the inside of a prison but I guess either I go there's a chance. Choices ain't life great
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  4. I also grew up in the country on a farm till I was 12 and even at that age gardening and plowing fields were relaxing just have to have that right place. You definitely have me thinking growing though because I know from my dealings in both cities your right most dealers have alot more to offer and I'm past that stage in my life. Thanks for the reply
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  5. I know that feeling and it comes down to personal choice for sure. If you do it smart won't be an issue. Also all you need is really 1 plant if you wanted too. I see people in a 3x3 a. 4x4 pull 1lb off it in a 5 gal bucket. Now theses numbers are from people who have been doing it a bit and trust me when I say there is so much more then putting a seed in the ground.

    Trailer sounds nice, could try a closet grow if you have room(long as you don't share it heh). Long as your stick to a few simple things like control your smell. Buy from trusted venders. Do a lot of reading. And tell No one :)

    I think Florida will come around one day. I honestly thought after Charlottes web it would of but meh. It's up to you bud, lots here willing to help if you decide to do it.
  6. Colorado is over rated. So is San Francisco and LA. Now humboldt county is where you want to be. Everyone knows of it for growing but not over populated. It's like another world. A lot of hippies and different people but all very fun. Also fully legalizing in November apparently but it is already pretty much legal here. They usually just give people warnings for possession and just a ticket if growing without a 215. Humboldt lives off growing now and even has highway billboards for cannabis cups and events.

    Sade's outdoor Bigfoot territory grow
  7. Not sure what a 215 is, is that s license? I can't imagine they are finding a lot of people growing with out less they are chatter boxes right?

    I do wonder about that and the limit they put on how many you can run. Are there people who come and inspect?
  8. Nope. Out neighbors brother is the sheriff. They just will stick their nose in if you have a 100 plants

    Sade's outdoor Bigfoot territory grow
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  9. Yeah lol can't blame them for that. I seen some guy in Nashville, Tennessee guy had 85 plants. Cop smelt it, then looked at then electric companies data found out who was using a unusual amount of energy, found the house. Went to the guys place and spoke to him admitted every thing let him in ect.

    He said it was for personal use(lol). But to be fair the guy looks like he could be related to bubbles(trailer park boys) Metro Police seize 85 marijuana plants, gun in grow operation

    Nice that its lax over there.

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