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Discussion in 'General' started by straitsb, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. it kinda sucks. I just getting into this so called real world. I haven't even begun to live this out. All I've done so far is graduate high school, get into the college I wanted and got a job. All I do now is work and go to school. it sucks so much ass, but also feels good to know that I've acomplished something. I always knew when I would leave high school, I would hate it. I hated going to school, don't get me wrong, but I met so many people that inspired me to be who I am now, and I won't see most of them people ever again. When I put it in that perspective.. it's pretty damn depressing. I made so many great friends, with students and teachers. One teacher in particualr, if it wasn't for her, I would have for sure dropped out and because a low life loser. She helped me through so many things, school and personal problems.

    I mean.. I haven't moved or anything, its weird. I live in the same house, same county, everything, but I've lost touch with so many people. And I still have great friends now. It's like a part of my life was ripped out of me.

    I also ended this year relationship with the girl of my dreams. This was in.. may '03 when I ended it. I'm still in doubt whether that was a good choice or not. I mean.. before I ever met this girl, the moment I layed eyes on her, it was like *click*. The reason I ended it is because.. she bitched about the stupidest things, really. It was always something. I just feel like I've been missing another part of me since then. Maybe I'm just lonely, maybe it was a bad idea to end that. But what's done is done.

    Whoever it was that told me that high school prepares you for the real world lied. Maybe they didn't lie, maybe it was the school I was at, but either way, I wasn't even prepared for graduation day. I cried my eyes out that night with one of my best friends. I handled that with weeks of partying, and about $500 gone within a month.

    I don't know the point of this at all.. I guess to get some shit off my chest. I guess it worked since I feel a little better.

    /end whatever this was about
  2. I know how you feel, living in the same place, but with a different life. I really don't hang out with anybody anymore, just my girlfriend.

    In a way I miss school, but in more of a way I don't. I have to work now, but I love it. I am outside all day by myself. I get to focus on my work and just get time to myself. Unlike school every day isn't a fucking soap opera. I couldn't stand the drama anymore.

    I hated high school. I hope it melts. *shakes fist in direction of school*
  3. A trip to Toys R Us with a buddy does wonders...

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