Growing up with an Alcoholic?

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    Hey, I was just wondering how many people here in Pandora's Box have grown up with alcoholic(s) in their family, if you do not feel comfortable posting about your experience, then there is no forcing you to post. I'm just trying to see if there is any connection between a person abusing drugs and growing up with an alcoholic.
  2. not everyone grows up with there parents :cool:
  3. my mom. she drinks around 2 of the big bottles of wine a day. its annoying as fuck cause shes an angry alcoholic.
  4. I didn't grow with him per say, but my dad is one hell of a violent drunk. Never took care of me and was too busy trying to kill my mom.
  5. Then they do not need to post in here, simple as that.
  6. Neither of my parents are drug abusers or alcoholics, but nearly every aunt and uncle on both sides of the family are heavyyyy abusers of alcohol and drugs.
  7. I do not talk much about this, but my Dad killing himself with alcohol,

    is secretly killing me.
  8. This.
  9. Same. Mine doesn't think he has a problem either, which is the sad part.
  10. well i grew up around alcholics, and my parents were both coke heads for 10 years, it sucks and does a lot to a young person
  11. I grew up with an alcoholic mother but it's not what made me try drugs :rolleyes: In fact, it actually made me more careful about my drug use because I got to see what a horrible thing addiction is.
  12. no alcoholics but i barely know my dad
  13. considering you added a no option I think we can post here?
    it runs in both familys but no
  14. No, he said what if you didn't grow up with your parents, not what if neither of your parents are alcoholics.
  15. Ehhh my mom drinks about 4 times a week and is annoying and mean and pulled a knife on my dad the other day. She thinks she can be a one or two beers person and downs a six pack when she cant even handle her shit on two...When she's sober shes nice but when she is drunk she is crazy and needs help.
  16. Pops was a pretty mean drunk, threw me up against a wall by my neck when i was 12 once. But I didn't see him all that much through my childhood except those rare glimpses of alcoholism at it's finest.
  17. oh haha my bad to whoever that was
  18. My dad drinks a big cup of Crown Whiskey every day, I don't know how, but he does. He's not that violent but often gets angry if I argue with him so I just kinda stay out of his way and he stays out of mine.

    Kinda sucks.

    Oh yeah, and you forgot siblings. My sister was one too.
  19. Not everyone who posts in Pandora's Box "abuse" drugs. I personally don't do many other drugs other than Marijuana and I know many people on this forum would not name themselves addicts or abusers, they're just users that share thier knowledge.

    Anyways, I had seen my mother abuse alchohol nightly, none of my family would call themselves alchoholics but I grew up with it always around, my family is Italian - huge drinkers. My uncle, I've seen him abuse every drug under the sun and remember him as tweeked out when I was a child which wasn't good at all...

    My uncle was, and still is, even though he's clean, an inspiration to not get myself started up with an array of different drugs - the lifestyle doesn't conclude in anything positive, IMO.
  20. same with my mom dude :(..her and her boyfriend are supposedly on the yayo again as well..well last I heard..

    I know she'll be alright though and one day I'll be blazing with her on a volcano!

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