Growing up in trees?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Green wax, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. I am planning on growing (my first time) up in trees, and am wondering if anyone could offer some feedback as to my plan of attack and possibly offer any suggestions. Thus far, this is what I have ordered for supplies:

    3 self-watering patio planters that are 33"L x 15"W x 14"H.
    Advantage Green camoflague fabric.
    Greenhouse-style plastic film.
    Portable climbing stick, 12' tall (used by hunters to get into tree stands)
    4:1 ratio hoist w/ 40' of rope (used by hunters to lift animals)

    My thought is this: position planters in 3 different trees,about 15-20' up each tree, in somewhat close proximity to each other. Each planter would be covered in the camo fabric to avoid detection from below. Put a small fence up planted inside the planter and wrap this in the plastic film to add security from prying eyes and from squirrels, rodents, etc... Use the hoist to lift heavy items up and down from the tree.
    This is not the cheapest route to go I know, but in theory seems rather safe. What concerns should I have trying to grow in trees? How pesky are squirrels, bugs, etc...? How visible are your plants from below (or above)? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I had some in the trees last year came out great but your gonna want to get a base up there to put the plant on just a thin board and paint it camo then take your pots and use alluminum rooking nails and nail the pots to the board its gonna get reall windy and ya dont want them falling out and haveing someone find them and clear out some canopy for it will get some good sun other then that sounds like youll be allright oh yea I hope your in a safe place from prying eyes because with pullys and climbing sticks might look a little odd walking through the woods and ya might want to put a screening over the pots to keep the squirls out of your medium they dig things up and burry nuts

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