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  1. Over the last year I have attempted to grow in an Aerogarden without much success. The plants seem very finicky and wouldn't last long. I'd practically given up.

    Then I planted in soil and the plants are doing well and are strong. One is nearly four feet high, the other two are trailing at 2 1/2 - 3 feet high.
    They had been under full spectrum lighting 24/7, until last sunday when I put them on a 12/12 cycle. They are in a wardrobe painted white inside and are in complete blackout during the off cycle.

    I have read a few blogs on flowering, some say 4 weeks others say 9 weeks depending on the type of pot they are growing.
    Since I do not know the strain that I have, how do I know how many weeks my plants will need to flower?
  2. you can use a 100x microscope to look at the trichome's to see when the plant is ready to harvest.
  3. In conjunction with the previous post...

  4. I uploaded pics of my three plants, the two shortest are showing a bud head and the tallest and bushiest one is not, I guess it is a male then?

    Could someone confirm please?

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  5. I grow pretty much only bag/unknown seed, and thats what i do. kinda exciting since you dont know how long its gonna take, so when it is ready, its like a surprise party. I leave mine at half cloudy, half amber.
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    Could someone look at the pics I uploaded to confirm if my plants are all female or if, I have a male, which I will promply turn into hash. It is quite lush. I am hoping it is female, but I don't think so.
    This is my first time getting a plant to the flowering stage, so unsure still.


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  7. Pic #1: Male

    Pic #2: Looks Hermie

    Pic #3: Male

    My Estimation from the pics anyone else?

  8. Was the first thing I thought when I saw the pics, but I'm no expert...
  9. So the buds starting at the top is male? I'm confused. Will a hermie produce buds?
  10. No strain takes only 4 weeks to finish....How many plants do you have? Are those pictures of three different plants? The first and last pic are males...and that middle pic I cant tell but if its not showing males signs now then that is generally a good sign. Males make shitty hash and a hermie makes realy shitty bud just a heads up.
  11. I have three plants all in the same pot and cabinet, I am bummed as I thought the buds starting on the two smaller plants meant they were female :(
  12. If there are buds not balls then it is a female...They will start to show flowers and signs of sex about a week after you start the 12/12 cycle. But no strain will be finished by four weeks...if your plants are four weeks into flowering and show buds then they are indeed females, thats if you know how to sex. I dont know of any strain that is shorter than 7 weeks and that is pushing it, I would still wait longer you are prolly gonna harvest around 9-10 thats the usual time for soil applications. Oh and why did you plant three plants in one pot? Wanted to guarantee a female and couldnt afford a few more pots? lol
  13. Take a few side profile pics of your plants so we can peak at the other node sites. Its the most difficult with a picture taken straight above the plant. ya know?
  14. No that's a male plant sorry, but U should keep it if ur in2 breeding & making ur own strains :cool:
  15. That's not just one plant bro...and no don't keep it, get into how to grow great weed far before you breed. That is an obvious piece of advice. And if I was you I would by no means mess with making it into know how much of the pollen from the sacs will go into your hash? And male plants are very high in CBN which inhibits the intake of THC from your receptors, so you may just get more sober if the THC % is less than the CBN % Or ya could do it yourself and learn from you mistakes. But i bet ya in the end you will go "shouldnt have wasted that time, coulda jacked off alone and cried, and it would have been better"
  16. I dont see any females.
  17. My cabinet is small and I couldn't get three pots in there, and I figured I'd have to kill at least one if it were male.
    I've cut the two males out so I have the biggest bushiest one left which seems to be female.
    I am still not clear about identifying balls from buds, sorry. It isn't evident to me. And the pics that I have seen don;t help at all, especially if they are microscopic.
  18. I had to laugh there Darwin, that was way to vivid!

  19. How close to the stem/branches do I need to get for a profile pic?

    I am a complete newb but want to learn.

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