Growing Under One 60w Fluorecent [Pic]

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SmokinBluntsTX, May 14, 2010.

  1. She's been growing outdoors since she was teeny-weeny. I've brought her inside and so far having just one 60w on her very close is doing really well.
    She's White Russian x Power Plant.

    I'm so happy that she's not got one bit of yellow on her
    She's about 3in tall now.

    This is her just before i brought her inside,
    I'll get a pic of the inside grow area a little later today

    (I know everyones going to be like, EW what soil do you use?!)
    Miracle-Gro + Perlite

    It's doing it's job so far.
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    do you have a question or are you just showing people a 3in. plant
  3. Haahah, Looks like I've found a hater.
    Do you seriously not have that much of a life to come on here at talk shit about people?
    You amaze me. Get a life man, Grow up.
  4. she looks a little tall, is that from when she was outside or when you brought her in?
    how far away you got the cfl? and if the part where you soil is, is clear as well you might want to get some aluminum tape and tape that so the roots don't get light. oh and don't mind the hater ;)
  5. Somebody snatch that man's Hater-ade and get him some coffee. "Geezus, this *****'s hard at the breakfast table, gang banging on bacon and cereal and shit" (lol love some Katt W) Seriously though it's a little early to be hatin. But Tex seriously you need some more light, that's why it's stretching like that. Also considering I've grown with CFLs for like 3yrs and never seen a 60w bulb. I'm thinking you mean a 60w incandescent equivalent, which is like a 13/14w CFL. That's only maybe 1000 lumens. You need to get that number up around 10,000 if you want any chance of a decent harvest.

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