Growing two feminized OG Kush plants but one seems to be lagging behind, need some help!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Hewburg, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. I am a very new grower here, and need as much help as I can get. I have done lots, and lots of research but there is always something to learn. That being said, I planted two OG Kush feminized seeds that I ordered from a seed bank. They are now at 12 days old from sprout, but one of my plants looks great, and the other is significantly lagging behind. I give both plants the same treatment, and they are both under the same conditions. Could this just be a genetic issue? and could the smaller one still have potential to be a healthy plant? I will post some pics of them at their current state as well.

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  2. I'm new too and had same thing with two plants. One was lagging and curling, other one did well, despite exactly same conditions. Unfortunatelly one day this plant collapsed and didn't recover :-(
  3. ya im just gonna play around with different things and see what works. That's the best way to get good at something. I hope mine doesn't die but ill keep you posted!

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  4. May sound stupid but have you tried swapping them around? Air flow? Position to light?
  5. Ya I did try doing that. I have a fungus gnat problem now with my soil!! I sprayed a little DR. Earth on them but nothing, they are still present. Now this morning I noticed it is killing my plants. They are all brown and yellowish with dropping leaves and shit. Maybe growing is just not for me. Thanks for the help though guys.
  6. Takes fine tuning fella dont give up. I got a bag seed and kept at it and now my plants going good finally. Have you got more soil to re home them? Maybe Stricter on moisture of the soil and spraying?
  7. ya I think they are getting to moist, and I am getting the soil tomorrow. I just hope they are still alive then.
  8. Just be stricter on watering the soil and spray more. Like once every two days watering and then spray every few hours
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  9. How will you get rid of the bugs?

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