Growing Too Slow?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Grower91, May 28, 2009.

  1. I started some seeds back in the very first week of this month. They're seeds from bags so I have no idea what they are (I'll be buying dimes of good shit as the year goes by and collecting the seeds for VERY early next spring) but the 'biggest' is about 5 inches tall with 11 or so leaves on it. I'm just wondering how big they should be. Also, I'm going to try on getting some pics up too.
  2. yes thats about how tall they should be
  3. mine were growing even slower than that. I then found out that they were seriously lacking nutrients. Gave them a feeding and now they are growing rapidly.
  4. There are way too many variables.

    Medium, Soil Mix.
    Nutrients/ Fertilizers.
    Overall health.

    I think 5 inches for 25 days or so is a little slow, 11 leaves is not. They usually start taking off from here.
  5. yeah my seeds from greenhouse that i am growing are 5 inches and about 1.5/2 weeks old from sprout. they seem to be doing great! and vapor haze is right. you should consider what type of medium, nutes, lighting your plants are getting. i havents even started to feed yet but im sure they loving that soil mix of an organic potting soil containing sea kelp and the healthy amount of worm castings in there as well:D

  6. Hmmh Hmm. That would be Vader Haze.

    But its all Good.

  7. my bad homie. im pretty faded and i can only see out of one eye. got a bad case of poison ivy on my face and had to get shots and steroids and shit. its the worst. but im chillen. lets take some :bongin: for outdoor 09 vador haze!

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