Growing Too FAST-HELP!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by somaz, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. For some unknown reason after the seed is germinated and planted the dang tomato plant is almost 4" tall in under 2-3 DAYS!! stretching like crazy....other people I know are having same problem with numerous strains...cotton candy, Dutch Treat, Durban etc..why are different greenthumbs in the same area having the same problem as me for the first time? Her cotton candy was like 8" tall in a few days with the little baby petals on top and we all do it differently but now with similar results....Outdoor Strains above 40 latitude like texada will not even crack and it grows easy in in even harsh conditions in canada...all the hard growing strains are sprouting but way to tall to fast...I might weigh it down for her with toothpicks on top.
    lights closer or farther from top (canopy)...lower temp...higher temp...less humidity..more humidity...more water..less water...different lights..more air circulation..less air...Domes....nothing helps..even putting it in the dark for awhile to try to stunt growth with different soils....we can't understand it? need advice pleaze.
  2. HIGH All, have you tried topping the plants? When transplanting you can bury most of the stem in the soil.

    Is this what your doing to your plant...stressing the plant like this is not good, by doing this your plant could turn into a hermaphrodite...which we don't want.
  3. thank you very much
  4. THat is wierd, is the stem growing tall or is their vegetation as well, If there is vegetation then i would be happy
    Try topping htem and see if they grow out just as fast as they grow up!

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