Growing Tobacco

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by jivens, May 13, 2011.

  1. Is it legal to grow your own tobacco? But even then how would i make it smokeable when harvested? stupid question?
  2. Stick with Marijuana.
  3. My roommate has a shitload of tobacco seeds. Tiny as fuck.
  4. If you like tobacco, it might be worth growing........ :)

  5. I dont line tobacco, its dangerous for health
  6. Yeah it is legal in most countries. you can only grow 15 kg per person in your household though. you need to color cure it. im doing it right now with two different varieties
  7. i grow it every year and it is legal to grow, but it is actually harder togrow than marijuana. the seeds are very tiny and need to be started early in a green house, plants need to have well established roots before planting outside because of a shallow root system. the plants only have to be hung and dried till they turn a brown color and then you can just break up the tobacco and roll ur own cigs. its good but dont smoke no green tobacco, make sure its cured brown:cool:

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