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  1. So I'm in the midst of setting up my first grow. I've ordered 2 450w led lights, and I want use them in a 4x4x8(LxWxH) would that be enough coverage for 4 plants tops(honestly might only grow 2 at a time). Should I get a smaller tent? Also I ordered some seeds as well and the grow purple buds I'd like to know if I need to grow them a certain way for them to achieve the purple color or do I just grow it like any other plants.
  2. Purple can come from alot of things.GENETICS are the reasoning for purple that you want...(purple#1) or purple kush ..grandaddy purple just to name a few...
    with the right genes for Anthocyanin production (purple) you just grow the plant like any others. Some strains like blueberry DO and can turn purple .but like COLD temperatures to really show color...other varieties turn purple no matter what you do.

    good luck


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  3. Thanks, I got VIP Currant Kush and Ace Violeta so I'm hoping it's just genetics and I can just let them grow. Do you think that my lighting would cover the area described? With 2-4 plants
  4. 4x4x8 900 watts? Most definitely covered .watch the temps though..airflow is key in a space like that!! good luck

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  5. Once again thanks man
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