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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by rastarules, Sep 4, 2002.

  1. A big thanks to all for your replies to my previous questuons..i am new to growing and as i said had one very small crop 1st time round.

    I have a 200w growing light which has 4x55w fluros for growing and i plan to get flowering bulbs for next stage. i have a large fan in the room and keep the temp at 65 -75. water is between 6.5-6.8 and i water by hand watering until the pots r wet and at first sign of water dripping from drainage holes i stop.

    i was told to use tomatorite for feed and i have plants burning at ends of leaves,have tried to flush with water but still occurs. please could anyone help with best many times a week to feed n water and how to keep plants in peak condition.

    have lights on 18hrs off 6hr,know that lights n hours arnt as good as it should be but security is vital here.

    please help as i love tending my plants n want the best with the equipment ive got.

    sorry to be a green novice but the more tips given the better i get.
  2. The best thing to do for your plants is invest in lights. A 100 watt gro bulb is not going to give you the yield that you want like a 250 or 400 watt HID light will. All other tips and tricks help, but not as much as a decent light.

  3. Thanks for your reply sid..will read n learn....this was my first try n read two books which totally contradicted eachother.......b safe n keep smilin....Rastarules...

  4. Thanks for your reply Big Poppa Puff....have gro light unit which has 4 25w bulbs u can switch between 100w n 200w,ive kept it at 100w for security reasons...crap i know but have to b safe ere.would it make big difference or help more changing over to flowering bulbs which are available for the unit when changing to 12/12 ????? b safe n keep smilin...Rastarules..
  5. if your worried about it gettin to hot put a fan in the room but make sure the wind dont hit the plant it will tilt them and wiegh them down
  6. interesting well the more money u invest in a good light system... better the yields your going to get.... it hurts to pay but hell it helps in the long run... fluroescents or grow lights which your talking about is good for veg-some-flowering stages of growth.... the good light systems that coast some big bucks will do everythin yuou need... better yields and alot better potency... but the natrual sun is the closest thing i think you can get to the best but (you can get caught a hell of alot easier) good luck

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