growing tide of inequality

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  2. Yup, that's what happens when you have government controlling the market and enabling corporatism. Maybe we should try a free market for a change.
  3. Any freer and we'd all be poor.
  4. Notice that it doesn't claim the poor are getting poorer. It's statistically misleading. Do a little math.

    Person X makes $10,000/year. Person Y makes $90,000/year.

    The following year person X makes $30,000/year and person Y makes $570,000.

    Inequality increased 100%. Would you prefer they go back to year one? Is that a better life?

    Furthermore, we can't control how the productivity of different forms of labor change over time; however it is unlikely if not impossible that a certain class of labor will grow exponentially in productivity over time.
  5. ^ where there is profit, there is also deficit.
    LOL, yes the solution is always bigger government.
    A lesson in how this all works: note that the wealthiest dozen or so counties in the US are those that surround Washington, DC. Hmm . . . ?
    My health insurance (which I pay out of my pocket 100%) effectively doubled thanks to Obamacare. BC-BS is just the revenue collector for DC because that extra money that I'm paying out will end up in Washington, sooner or later. Fascism at its best. Mussolini would be proud.
  7. No, man, you got it all wrong. Let's ask forty to explain economics to us and how government only helps.
  8. No, actually the market is not a zero sum game.
  9. Yes it can be misleading, but isn't the middle class income average going down as the upper class goes up? 
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    No, not over any considerable period of time. Perhaps right after the recession.

    If you adjust household income for inflation and size of household it had increased substantially over the last thirty years or so, but at a rate many consider too slow.
  11. Ic, thanks for the info. I kinda just chimed in cause I watched real time with Bill Maher this morning and they were talking about this subject, pretty cool show ive been getting into lately

  12. Nice. I love economics.
    It's a great show if all you want are one-sided, condescending arguments delivered by a snide, arrogant, little jerk to support a bigger government, run by liberal Democrats. (not that it makes any difference which "team" is running it -- the outcome is the same).
  14. Lol yeah I agree. Everyone has an agenda, its hard to find a true politician now a days. Too bad Ron Paul never got elected. I like watching all these type of political shows. I dont even know which one I am, I just like watching all these shows to see their views and how they present them. 

    You guys seen the video of bill o reilly where he takes a marijuana legalization poll on his show, then he says how told their readers to go vote on this poll, so he tells its viewer its skewed cause of these potheads. THen he goes on to talk about how these websites have their agendas and shit. 

    Its like wtf bill, everything you do has an agenda. Hey lets talk about my book for 20 minutes, then you can go on my website and purchase it at the link below, if you buy this book, youll be upgraded to a premium member. Omfg if I could just be a Bill O reilly premium member my life would be perfect. 
  15. The growing income inequality directly corosonds to regulations/taxes/socialism.

    America had a better wealth distribution when we embraced the free market.

    Socialism is a slippery slope every time. This time will be no different.

    I can hear it now

    "Socialism can work! Its just that no one in history has ever done it correctly!"

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  16. How many facts before reality sinks in there fellas?  Rich are getting way richer, poor are getting way poorer and the middle class is falling deeper into debt in order to maintain the illusions it has been socialized into believing.
    Quit bending over for the overlords and rise up against the monied classes.  They don't give a rat's ass about you and yet you defend them with your life.  And you think yer being radical or or enlightened or something.
    Many even join their armies.
  17. LMAO @ Karl Marx's great-great grandson.  [​IMG]
    As we clearly see, the government schools have done a great job of indoctrinating the youth, as Marx demanded in Plank 10 in his Communist Manifesto: "Free education for all children in public schools."
  18. "Posted from an ipad while drinking wine and eating cheese"

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  19. Which governmental system has worked well in history? People always like to say this but ive never seen anybody talk about which system worked as opposed to those that failed
    I guess you have to define "work."
    All of them, as far as I know, work very well when it comes to coercing, plundering, destroying, and killing. Beyond those things, they fail miserably.

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