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  1. I,m on a roll with my hyperactive index finger so I make dees word bout me growed inhouse massah for dis side(i used to live in Nigeria and thats how they talk there). At this time i have 3x Autosuperhash 3x Krippleberry Auto 1x Kush Vanstitch Auto 1x Narcotic Kush Auto 1x BerryBomb Auto 1x Dr Feelgood Auto and 1x Super Skunk oh and a very.fucked up AK Auto but thats upstairs under my wifes care, she was realy stressing me about growing so i germed her an auto, fire with fire an all that jazz. That covers the Autoflowering catalogue. I have 1x Pineapple Chunk 1x Acapulco Gold 1x Tangerine Dream 1x Laughing Buddah and 1x Liberty Haze ,a couple of autos i grow for a disabled friend so theyre not all mine just MOST OF THEM . Pots are 7.5l for autos 9.5 for photos and filled with Allmix I use grow bloom alga and Topmax,top marks for Biobizz. I used to use Lightmix with filtered water but i always got defficiency or overload so Allmix Is cool itl grow an auto start to finish without any feed if need be and I kept getting cal and boron defs so changed to unfiltered and wow what a difference. Veging is done in a wardrobe under 125w CFL 6400k 2x23w 2700k for full spectrum 2x12v fans i scammed out of a projector one on extract the other pointed on the reflector this keeps temps in the high 70s the CFL,s are inches off the seedlings so the fan and vigilance are neccessary to prevent heat stress but if successfull the plants emerge large leafy and squat (perfec) I veg on 24/0 and dont feed at all while vegging if i need to i will spray them but this is rare in fact the initial soak is enough for three weeks at least so why bother. Grow space no 2 i knocked up myself out of some extremely ornate soffet (like asbestos sheeting) it was a shame to cover it with mylar but the plants dont mind, Its 1x1x2m with 120w led, 6x23w cfl's and 11x3w gu10 style led's all 2-3000k and 9x3w gu10 6400k cos i love soldering and bright lights, ironicly i have 20,000 watts of lighting stored a few feet away unfortunately its conventional, If it was led stage lights i wouldnt have had to buy any grow lights at all but that stuff belongs to the bass player so I have the lighting listed and ventilation is provided by the three fans in the 120w light and its on 24/0 in an underground cave so light and air leaks dont matter so temps are also stable at high 70s (in reality 2cfls are in just to keep temps up, also i put a twin speed bodge in the light to hold temps, so thats grow room two designed for auto's however photo's pass through from time time on their journey to GROW ROOM THREE. grow room three is a grow tent in the studio, its my private studio so its discreet and it makes the place smell nice and keeps it warm . HPS 400 plus 4x23w cfl's 100mm extraction with cool tube no odour management a small occilating 30w clip fan circulates bud air intake is passive the grow tent ison 12/12 obviously and 4 good plants is ideal however i juggle autos in and out after yeald is optimum . I aim for arround 40 grams and often get more. Next for the chp is a loaded Kush Vanstitch which flowered after 2 weeks and is pretty much all bud and the wonderfull Pineapple chunk which is realy exciting and thats where i am cheers for the patience if anyone rezd it and May the herbs be with you
  2. Okay was anyone able to comprehend or even make it through half of this post??
    Try to use some spacing...and maybe some grammar
    Ever heard of a paragraph?

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