Growing the lazy mans way

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by defcon, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. i have yet to see some one as lazy as I, i dont feel like digging a ton of holes but i wanna put out a ton of plants, and i also dont wanna go wasting all my soil money on rubber maid containers but i also want the max amount of root room for my girls, so i was thinking any one ever try double or triple bagging soil in large black garbage bags, they sell them up to like 50 gallons, any thoughts? and i was a little worried about them being unstable so i thought if wind is a worry u can stick those large 8ft garden stakes through the middle and tie ur plant to that, which is stuck in the ground beneath, oh and also plan on poking holes in the bag for drainage, any opinions?

  2. Lazy...? really.....that sounds like way too much work.......
    prolly easier to chuck a few seeds on the ground and in 5 months.....
    when you wake from that dream.....Wah La....BIG BUDS......:rolleyes:
  3. I use the 35 gallon trash cans you get at walmart, spray paint them green that's as close to the surrounding plants as possible.

    You don't need trash bags, just drill a good amount of holes on the bottom for drainage/flushing.. Make sure to rinse, the cans out really well.

    So you don't get any off-gassing, that cheap Chinese Plastic can put a hurting on plants.
  4. well the issue with that is the trash cans also cost $$ just like rubber-maid containers, found some all organic potting soil at lowes for 2.14 per 40lb bag, i know what im doing and how to grow, but i just got a promotion and my job consumes most of my life now, so im trying to make this a week end thing in the woods around my house.
  5. I have to argue with you, I am AS if not MORE lazy than any person out there. That being said, I really kind of like your bag idea.

    Not that this has nay bearing on MJ growing this way, but a few years back I had a couple of cedar trees that were growing in an area where I wanted to drop a few alders. I ended up digging the cedars out and placing the root balls in black garbage bags(they were about 2' tall trees)to get them out of the way, just left them outside by the garage. Now about 4-5 years later, I never did replant the trees, now they are about 5' tall, growing slow, because they are probably root bound, but they are growing. So yeah, I think the bag idea will work, in theory.

    How about, just using the soil bag itself.
    1 - Lay the bag flat on the ground.
    2 - Make slits in bag. (on top for plant and on bottom for drainage)
    3 - You can cover the soil bag with black plastic to keep light off roots, and put a few rocks on the bag to keep it sturdy.

    Heck, I just figures out how I'm going to grow outside this year, thanks defcon.
  6. lol the i wanna use the black bags because i live in east texas and we have alot of pines and the soil is kinda hostile, not to mention mostly clay, so i wanna get the max amount of bud out of my plants and thats why i plan on using 50g bags. and im waay to lazy for digging in clay....
  7. IDK where you are growing, in ur back yard? or some where else? but the laziest you can be is just buy pots, put the soil in, then plant the seeds. Wait a couple of months and you have bud.

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