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  1. Ok, Ihave: 1 AfghanKush seed, 1 PurpHaze Seed, 2 NrthrnLights seeds, 2 AfghanKush X WW seeds, 2 BluberyGum seeds, and 1 OGKush seed. do i take for example the two nrthrn light seeds and plant them tgether in the same cup since theire the samestrain or do ineed another cup for the secondseed?. and ok if iwere to makeabox thats reallytall and put lights and fans in it what lights and fans would you suggest for that many plants? i was looking at the square panel with orange red and white lights. but just send me a link to EVERYTHING i need for the lights if im making a box. and do i need to have reflecting walls ( the tin foil looking stuff?). Andwhat scheduleshould i usefor thelights like howlong would i leavethis light on ect. and what happens when the plants get to tall to keep in the box or will they not get that tall? Thx Im a bginner. dnt knw nythng about it if u culd just answr in order, i know its confusing.
  2. Sorry for it being a shity thread i was in a hurry typing it, if your high just dont even try to read it it will mindfuck u
  3. Nobody will answer all of these questions. Have you done any reading at all?

    You basically want a course in dope growing.

    Read, read, then read some more, then ask specific questions.
    You can't simply ask "Tell me everything"
    Start with the 'stickies', then work out what medium you intend to use, what lights to suit your grow area, then ventilation, etc.

    Good luck...
  4. Then why not edit your thread so it's more readable, instead of just pointing out what a mess it is? :rolleyes:

    And I agree with Wardrobe, these questions are so basic that they are pre-beginner, and they are already answered all over this site, you just need to do a little homework (that's exactly why the sticky threads are stickies...)
  5. Thanks to the dude that sent me the answers!
  6. ^Wanna send me the answers he sent you?? Lol
  7. Title should be 'Growing the Ganja - the easy way'

    Can someone please send me the answers to all of my questions too?
    Hang on, I'll just make a list...

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