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Grow single or multiple plants

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  1. So I'm planning on growing my own marijuana because I don't feel like getting my weed from the recreational or medical dispensaries. I want to start my own cannabis producing company down the road someday as well and I think this is a good way to get familiar with the whole process. I've done a ton of research and now I'm just looking for some input from some people that have grown or know someone who has grown weed before. This will be my first attempt at growing but I know someone that has grown before for an income but that was years ago, but I can't imagine it has changed much since then. But any stories or tips you have would be greatly appreciated, from what type of lights, grow medium, fans, and anything you would suggest to use. Also I have picked out some strains that I would like to grow and I would like to know what are some of you favorite strains to smoke. Just looking for any type of input. Thanks everyone and have a great day. :bongin:
  2. i got shit the homie bred trimming right outta the process
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  3. Got any tips for me?...I'm going to start growing my own for personal use...
  4. Yea there a whole section dedicated to the very thing you seek.

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  5. Yeah I know there's probably a ton of stuff I could go looking through on here but I'm new to the site and just wanted quick tips and suggestions and what not. I'll guess I'll start looking though
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  6. Cultivation section. Will guide you through every aspect mate.
    Best if luck its a great hobby. Just dont be tempted to show it off.
    Also make sure you have the best carbon filter systen you can buy, if its not legal to grow.

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  7. It's faster to harvest more weed growing multiple plants, than it is to wait for a single plant to fully vegetate with lots of bud sites.

    The only advantage to growing a single plant is:

    1. If you live in an illegal state, the less plants you grow, the better. In the eyes of authority, even a single, immature cannabis seedling is worth $2000 per plant or some shit. They don't even care whether it's male or female. So in that scenario, you'd be better off growing fewer plants, and making sure they're the best and heaviest plants you can possibly cultivate. Use bigger pots.

    2. If you're growing from seed, it can save you money on seeds.

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