growing thc snow in a greenhouse

Discussion in 'Greenhouses' started by djmotion, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. hey so im planning on doing my second grow in a greenhouse my first one was inside and it was a bit messed up anyways im gonna be plantin 5 of the new thc snow seeds in a greenhouse around late april, was just wonderin if someone could tell me the things i would need to buy like equipment and best nutrients and things to try grow them best i can and if ya could give me some tips on the best way to grow them? thanks.
  2. Your question, while valid, is far too open ended, and very subjective. For instance, the best way to grow in a greenhouse is going to require $100k budget to build the ultimate environment. On the other hand, people have harvested buds from bagseed drops, with no effort. And there are a million other options between these two extremes.

    There are so many variables, constraints, methods, budgets, space, time, your abilities, etc... All these things must be considered. Start with researching your plant's needs, and go from there, as to what would be best for you. If you messed up your indoor grow, that means you have quite a bit of homework to do, to learn what went wrong. Before taking on another grow, I'd read all the stickies, in all the forums here, and on other boards. From there, you should have a better idea of what grow system will work best from you, and start making some choices. Once you've narrowed down your options a bit, then you'll be more prepared to give us the information we need to be able to help you.

    I wish you luck, and hope to hear more about what your plans are for a grow.

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