Growing space far too hot

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  1. I have a 400w hps light and the only place i can grow is in a un-vented cupboard. but temps reach 100 degrees in there with the light on is there a bulb i can buy that has a very low heat output . I have 1 oscilating fan to circulate and one p.c fan to exhaust . any help appreciated
  2. think ur pretty much S.O.L. for that small of a space with that light. Let me know if u figure out ventilaiton for that situation. Im having similar issues with my 400WHPS in a closet. GL man I would suggest maybe a T5 setup or come CFLs. I know u already have the HPS but just an idea.
  3. have my light on right now moved the p.c fan up to 4" below the light and left the door open 1" the temp has dropped to 93 now . just dont think this is good practice but going to have to try it at least thinking of an air cooler and humidifier ??
  4. might wanna try and freeze some bottles and put em in there as well as more ventilation. good luck. peace, e:bolt:
  5. Dude if you want I can send you a link of an "Inline Fan" that fits into a 5 inch round flexible duct... the whole setup with the fan and flexi-duct will run you about 100 bucks, but it is easy to assemble and install. That way you can get air out of your room (which I hope isnt 100 degrees as well) and through your cupboard out the other side with your PC exhaust fan

  6. that would be great man . anything is worth a shot:D

    Just had a look at them there and 1 has sprouted and has 2 small leaves that are opening on the top . They are nigerian x afghan (have been told by others they like it a bit warmer as long as they are watered properly
  7. Now after even more research i found that i can use solid co2 (dry ice) for cooling and something for the plant to breathe . i can get a free supply of this aswell so may give this a try . Opinions welcomed
  8. let me know how this works for u - Im in a heat spell out here in cali and cant get it below 90 with the HPS on. Ill be watching Im curious
  9. Managed to get a portable water filled air cooler today at a very reasonable price . will post tomorow and see what change this has . Just thought it might be good for humidity aswell as colder air flow . i would settle for a constant 90 degrees right now lol
  10. how r the temps? this will raise humidity I believe which may or may not be a good thing.
  11. sitting steady at 90 degrees and with the cooler the humidity sits at 63% . running out of ideas fast lol . hope my babys gonna be ok there sprouted and growing fast very fast and looking very healthy
  12. are you even going to have SPACE to flower a plant in there? regardless of the temp problem.
  13. space is 5 feet x 4 feet x 3 feet . i think this is enough space to grow 2 plants till flower !! maybe im wrong any ideas ppl :confused:

    oh and space can be altered to be over 6 and a half foot tall
  14. u have enough space. I just put a fan straight pointed ON the bulb of my HPS and it helped a lot. Im jimmy rigging but it definitely helped. that AND the end of the heat wave out here lol. hows progress??
  15. You could get a cool tube.

    On your dimensions which is height, width, depth?
  16. can i get something like this to fit over the original light or is it a whole new set up??

    good idea m8

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