Growing Shrooms?

Discussion in 'General' started by ...Spliff!, May 27, 2006.

  1. Nah, dude. Don't go with any growkits/boxes. Overpriced and mostly just not worth the effort (no disrespect to the City).

    You can have a nice, affordable shroom operation for about $50, maybe a little higher.
  2. A one time $50 cost? or is it year round?
  3. Pretty much one time. Other than supplies like poop, brown rice flour, etc.

    Check out you need to know. :)
  4. was up shroomers heres a goodlink to get started the mycodome is expensive but its a dummy proof kit comes with everything you need from the getgo right out the box for real get the substarte jars really easy they also have videos you can download and for help to grow your mushies hope this helps
  5. everything you will ever need to know about growing/eating shrooms is on The people over there are real nice too.

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