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  1. Hi I wanted to see what others thoughts are on growing short. I have clones from a dispensary and I'm wanting to have them small. I started out using a 20 watt Cfl and every thing is your basic cheap way to set up. Im picking up a 100 watt Cfl Saturday so it will get better lighting. Next time I think I'm going to try and do some advance things like getting it to bend so there taller. Sorry for the randomness. Anyways my two plants are about 8 inches and 7 1/2 inches and still growing strong. The question is will it have a good pay off? Not expecting ounces on ounces. Just a good sack to have and smoke while I wait for the others to get buds. They will be regular height.


  2. Ahh let em be man big bushy plant with low watts not good.spend the money go to home depot and get one monster cfl its like the size of 2 coke cans I think its 100 watts or 125 its big now put it in a hanging socket put your plants around it 3 inches away 12 tall flip to flower keep plants realy close to bulb and you should do fine
  3. oh yea put plants in 2 gallon pots
  4. cant tell you how much bud your going to get off it i had like the same plant. well size wise. got mine from a club. it started at 8 inches. 3 or 4 weeks later (now) its almost 14 inches tall. i asked the same question how much bud? there are so many variables but i was told i should get 1-2oz off mine. the bigger you can get it the budz you can get off it. but you have to remember the bigger plant need more light. i think after a certain height you better have some serious lights ha. but im not 100% on that
    they looking good so far!

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