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  1. this doesnt neccessarily involve breeding as such but i figured you would be the people that know about seeds.

    ive got some autos about to finish, last week before chop and ive noticed what looks to be the bottom of a seed growing out of a calyx. just wondering how long it takes to mature a seed, or how to distinguish when it is mature. ive posted a few pics in budshots of the overall grow. ill try to get a pic up tonight of the bud in question.

    ive tried to search but couldnt find anything. any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  2. just grabbed a pic to help. appears to be a few more seeds on their way too.
  3. yup, that's a seed(s).

    4 week is about the earliest that seeds are ready. I find most take about 6 weeks to fully mature.

    and by the looks of that one, about another 3 weeks..24 days.

    the entire seed will look brown and the husk around it will be starting to die off when ready. unfortunately seeds never mature at a consistent rate so you get some that mature quickly, while others end up as white little hippie grenades. ( if you've manually pollinated correctly these will very very few)

  4. thx wharf, great info man. kind of a bummer as the plant doesn't have three weeks left in her. she is an auto that is due very soon. thing is I didn't manually pollinate, she hermied late flower and I noticed the seed about a week ago. i clipped a lot of her early branches to try to focus the weight on the main cola so do u think that could be a reason for the hermie? ive grown out 6 of these plants so far and this is the only one to hermie yet. does this mean that even though I may have stressed her into hermie that all these seeds will be highly predisposed to hermie-ing? if that's the case i won't feel so bad about not letting them finish, but if they have a chance of being viable then maybe i could sacrifice the plant to grow some seeds. love to hear yer thoughts. btw they are femmed plants if that makes a difference.
  5. I wouldn't trust em.
  6. K, ive wanted to make some auto seeds for a while, but i will wait until i make them on purpose with a male in a controlled environment. still lots of research to do before that anyway.

    thx again sir
  7. Anybody grows only seeds, like me, and if so, any method to the way you grow seeds?
  8. yes I do, but rather than hijack this 12 year old thread ...make your own thread in passing seek out
    Marijuana Botany by Robert Clarke as one of the best guides, rather than anything from Robert Green

    good luck

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