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  1. Is it smart to grow a male for a seed supply? I know having a male around females will seed that female. But if a male is seperated, would it be smart to grow for a lil while to accumulate a stock pile of seeds then get rid of it. If space is an issue and dont have room for several females growing all the time but want the option of growing diff bud thru the year. I hav e never grown but intend to soon and I am trying to educate myself as much as possible. Sorry if this is a dumb question.
  2. ok, males dont make seed, females do. But only after being pollinated.. if you wanted to make seed heres what ya do.. Grow out a male to till hes about to burst (In its own airtight room.. NO POLLEN FLOATING AROUND YOUR FE FE's!) take a ziplock baggie and place over the pollen sacks.. gently shake that one branch to collect pollen.. can be froze and saved for a few weeks but i wouldnt store for any longer than that.. now you decided its time, take pollen bag and carefully place over a single branch on your selected Fe Fe. you dont wanna ruin your whole plants for a few more seed. Very carefully tap the bag and move it around to pollinate the selected branch. leave bag on branch for an hour or so.. and give another shake/tap.. very very very carefully remove bag. Keep in mind the entire time your doing this in a room far away from all other females.
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  3. Thanks LilJ86.So then does the female have to flower to make seeds or can it make seeds in a vegetative state.
  4. flower only my friend..
  5. Thanks so much!!!
  6. no worries my friend.. little advise.. there so much info already on this site.. utilize the search bar my man! youll be surprised at what you can aquire from here simply by reading old convos! my grow is in the sig by the way.. give her a click and browse around if you have some free time!
  7. On the topic of Cannabis biology, can a male plant be induced to be a hermaphrodite, or is that uniquely a property of female plants under stress?
  8. strictly female as the male will NEVER produce bud under any condition.. Nor seed for that matter. Only pollen sacks.. In order to have a hermie you need bud and seed both of which male plants lack.
  9. Actually males can hermie, it's just that growers usually yank males before they get a chance to turn hermie.

    Either way, though, you don't want to purposely stress a plant to hermie.
  10. thats very interesting.. how does a male hermie when it never produces bud?

  11. Males do flower… they just form and function differently.
    I've never seen male hermie, but like Toasty said, I am either growing a male for pollen, or removing it for the same reason.

    Flower your male first, for pollen gathering.
    Timing is key in the placement of the magic yellow pollen. I get best results dusting the flowers 5 weeks after bud-set. I'll start applying around four, and keep a light dusting until six weeks.
    Usually a ribbon tied to the chosen female flowers is sufficient identification.
    I'm careful, but not overly so. Since I grow for myself, I don't mind a few volunteers due to slop-over.
  12. the pollen sacks being considered the flower in this case? i dont think im grasping this whole male plants flower thing.
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    Yes, along with the rest of the flower structure.
    Like human reproduction, the genitalia appear different, but have the similar qualities.
    Stamen and Pistils develop differently, but are still flowers.

    maybe easier to see here?
  14. ok i got ya know.. i was thinkin your were sayin males get buds.. but basically its like sayin all people have genitalia just different kinds right?
  15. <------- *nods*

    Happy and Successful Grow to You, Bro…
    And Happy ThanksGiving Too!

  16. Likewise my friend!
  17. Interesting. I only asked because I'm trying my first grow and I only have one plant, from bag seed, and I just placed the germinated seed in soil. If it turns out to be a male, I was curious about my options. I wouldn't be as concerned about killing it if seeds weren't such a rarity in the bags I buy. I wish I had more beans!
  18. Anybody grows only seeds, like me, and if so, any method to the way you grow seeds?

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