Growing seeds from male plant

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  1. I can't find much information on growing a Male cannabis plant.

    I have one super silver haze (mr.Nice) male I couldn't have impregnating my virgins indoors, so I'm keeping him outside in my backyard. I paid a lot of money for these seeds so I would like to grow a good amount of them so I never have to buy them again. It has now been flowering for 8weeks but I'm wondering how much longer? Does a male usually take as long as it's sister would?
    Thank for any and all info.
    - jahgottachief

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  2. Not sure what you mean by do they take as long. But the male plant will release pollen as soon as you see male flowers so like 2 weeks after the light change they are ready. If you are thinking they will grow buds and mature they won't really they will just continue to produce male flowers until the conditions are no longer any good.
  3. Closet hack.
    Ive heard the flowering times are about the same as females.

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  4. Do buds and seeds take the same amount of time to fully develop is what I am asking? Like if I had both a Male and female of SSH would they harvest at the same time? I don't want or expect buds to produce on my male, I just want to know when I can harvest the seeds

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    How long do I have to dry the seeds before I can use them?

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  5. Harvest the seeds when you harvest your buds. They should just pop right out if you gently pinch the calyxes with your fingers.

    You won't harvest anything from the male plant, other than pollen.
  6. Only females produce seeds.

    The Dank Knight
  7. I think your confused on how sex works. Plants do it a lot like humans I am hoping hat you know how a female gets pregnant? The male takes his pollen that grows in those ball sacks growing all over your dude and puts it inside the female flowers. Now it doesn't take 9 months like a human would but after the female gets the sperm it makes a baby or seed in the plant case. What you want to do is harvest most of your plants leave a couple branches on your female hook her up with some male pollen that you collected paint it on with a brush and wait. After you get done collecting your seeds wash the tent or grow area down good to make sure you don't corrupt future plants. If I am wrong in any way I will refer you to go read a book. Figure out how this works because males don't grow seeds only pollen and it takes two to tango.
  8. Best way to collect pollen?

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  9. White paper around the base of your plant. Keep it away from airflow. Give him a shake every once in a while.

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