Growing schwag seeds hydroponically

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  1. Does anyone have any pics of weed they grew hydroponically with schwag/regs seeds?
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    try and google it under images

    lookat at my grow mine are bagseed mids but bagseed none the less

  3. I do not have any pics, however, it is common knowledge that most schwag is either imported brick or old heavily handled domestic. Usually you cannot judge the quality of what the seeds will produce b/c of the damage caused. My experiences with schwag seeds is that they usually grow out to be decent, and more often than not much better than the stuff you got the seeds from.

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    No type of seed will EVER give you schwag or shitty weed if you grow it correctly. But if you grow even the best seeds shitty you'll get schwag.
  5. This could not be more than true. When working w/ good genetics, you see many differences, this includes seeds purchased from resellers and breeders. Bag seeds could be some great genetics which became seeded and the grower decided to sell it off, they could be some good IBL lines which are imported, they could even be imported brick in which good genetics were used. It is no secret that alot of Mexi commercial growers are buying good lines from resellers in bulk in an attempt to improve the quality.

    You just never know what you will get from bag seeds, but one thing is for sure, if a bag seed is grown right, it will produce much better quality than what was in the bag they came from.

  6. My first grow was bagseed. Soil grown though. Turned out awesome :eek:

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