Growing Satori - Urgent!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by selec_tiv, Sep 24, 2009.

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    listen, i'm a first time grower
    and i need some help, and fast..
    i've got one seed only

    Is it possible to grow it in a shelter during the
    how much light do i need if it is possible -
    600W lamps watt from the start, or less?
    I'ts just one seed, but still... i did'nt buy the lamps yet
    so i have to know for sure

    Do i have to use a ventilator if i'm growing it in
    the temperature is not so low, but cainda chilly

    about the water - one cup, twice a week?

    plz, it's urgent

  2. Well, for starters, that's not a feminized seed at that link, so you have a 50/50 or so shot of only getting a male plant anyway.

    Yes, if you can keep the temperatures in the right range.

    Depends on what size plant you want to grow.

    Between 16 and 24 until you flower, then 12.

    Probably a bit much for a brand new seedling, but it should be able to handle it soon enough.

    Yep, you need a steady supply of fresh air (or co2) for photosynthesis.

    I've been to Canada, it's not chilly, it's ball shatteringly cold. Best of luck keeping the temperatures above freezing if that shed isn't insulated.
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    first of all - 10x man

    second -

    - if it's not faminized, it wont get to the vegetative step\ u can't smoke it\ theres a chance it wont grow at all or something like that?

    - what's the best way to keep the temperatures in the right range?..
    the lamps will keep it warm, no?... i can also get a growing tent, that would help?

    - how much light is necessary if i wanna grow one small plant?
    it's just one seed..

    - "Between 16 and 24 until you flower, then 12" -
    you mean.. after i plant it in the flowerpot, it needs Between 16 and 24 hours of
    light?.. and after it growes, 12 hours only?
    and metal helid many watts do i need?

    - i'v got tablets of co2.. is that good as a replacement for the ventilator?
  4. If it's not feminized, it could turn out as male or female, feminized seeds will only come up as female plants.

    Both will grow, and you can't really tell them apart until they are mature, but only the female will produce buds. The male plant has some THC, but isn't something you would want to smoke.

    A 600 watt lamp does give off a lot of heat. Do you have a MH or HPS lamp?

    Do you know how cold the shed gets, and if it is insulated? A tent could help, as it will reduce the overall area being heated by the lamp, which could make the difference if this is your only source of heat.

    Depends how big you want to grow it. Cannabis will adapt radically to it's environment. The same seed could be grown and flowered at a height of less than a foot under a few CFL lights set to a 12 hour day cycle from germination, or as much as 12 feet tall under natural sunlight with a long growing season.

    Cannabis has two major life stages. The first is the vegetative stage, where it establishes a root system and lots of foliage. The second is the flowering stage, it still grows during this stage, but a lot slower, as most if it's energy starts being devoted to the production of the flowers you are going to want to smoke. If it's getting more than 12 hours of light, it will stay vegetative and grow, 12 or less, and it begins to flower.

    Again, the plant is very adaptable. You can start it right off in flowering, and it will grow just a little bit, then start making buds, giving you a tiny finished plant. You can also let it stay in the vegetative phase for a couple of months and end up with a 6 foot tall finished plant.

    As for how much light, the depends on the size of the plant. A 600 watt metal halide lamp should be more than enough for one pretty good sized plant, or several average sized ones.

    Unfortunately no, the only method of providing co2 that will actually give you the results you need is a tank of co2 with an automatic regulator, and you would still need at least a bit of ventilation for the lights.

    Your best bet would probably be to run the lights during the day, when the outside air temperatures are at their warmest. That way you can ventilate the room normally, and stop pumping air when it gets too cold so as to not shock the plants too much.
  5. Man there are so many stickies on this site. More than a lot I've been to. Spend some time reading then ask some questions.

    Not trying to be a downer, but it's one seed. Learn man and get some more seeds, then it wont be so "urgent".
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    i'm from israel man, it's not that leagal here u know
    first time grower
    only have 3 monthes until army to grow them.. and thats during winter time in a damn shelter
    i'm not that good in inglish..
    so i can't understand all
    that's way i needed this thread,
    so someone can answer my questions one at a time

    plz bro, answer my questions.. i'm starting to grow it next week
    and i wanna buy all the lamps an shit

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