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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by inchez, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. alright, im really trying to learn all i can about growing outdoors, but some of these grow guides are just getting too in depth and difficult. i really want all the tips i can get about growing outdoors if u guys wouldn't mind helping me through this! oh, and im going to post a message i posted in outdoor growing but nobody will imma post this here too for some replies!...

    ok...i just bought a couple plants from my friend...there are about five or six in a pretty big pot. they are 3-4 days old. he filled the pot with those pebble things that soak up the water at the bottom, and then he put in the soil/fertilizer in it, and its supposed to give them all the nutrients they need for up to nine months. so since i wont need to worry about changing the soil/fertilizer, he said i should just transfer all of them but two into their own seperate pots, and just use the same soil they were in. im just wondering if you guys agree w/ this, and how long should i wait to do this??
  2. they do need there own pots.......if you are going to grow them in pots that is........the fert was not needed and may cause problems, but just wait and see how it goes........get them in there own 5 gallon pots now, before the roots get out of control and get intertwined..........Peace out.........Sid
  3. I didnt transfer them in time, i have about 6 plants whose roots are inextricably entwined. they are all going to be small because they are all fighting for nutrients. i grow outside as well. take them out of their pots or find something like a wicker basket to bury them in. as for the growing, they need a lot of sunlight and water. let the soil dry before watering them again. in my climate with rain and all i need to water them about once a week, twice in a dry week. dont worry about the fertilizer and hope it doesnt cause problems. if i does you are gonna have to flush the plants and hope they survive.

    good luck

    just another newbie.

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