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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Little_Farmer, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. Hi guys!
    So this is my first growing space
    and lets see if you guys can help out.
    If you see any problems coming PLEASE POST
    Suggestions --> POST
    or you just wanna say something 'bout it --> POST :)


    55cm * 55cm * 100cm (Should be a little less then 1,80² sq. feet)

    60 w hps Bluelamp

    3 sides plus bottom cover with aluminum foil (couldn't find anything better :(

    A nice old timer

    2 etxra sockets for fans/more lights

    Temps: 78.2 to 82,4 (too hot?) :(

    And here a foto to see for you'r self
    (Sorry it looks so bad its only a 10$ cam)

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  2. ur gonna need to b able to rase and lower the light.

    put plastic not tinny on the floor, when it gets wet its dangrous with electric around.

    im glad to c u done the back of the doors aswell, or atleast it looks like u have.

    ur gonna need a fan and some venting, leaving the door open will give the plants the air they need but a fan is a good idea.

    bluelight? wots that? can u post a pic of the lamp and the balast plz, im intreged by this.

    mount the sockets off the floor, water spills etc.

    light leaks?

    good luck with the grow, it looks like ur off to a good start there.
  3. what akinda closet is that? it looks alot bigger than those dimentsions?
  4. i think its just the photo john, if u look at the baby amp in the corner of the pic u can c how its warped. them amps r only little anyway, if its the type im thinking of.
  5. hi guys!

    Im glad you like my closet ;P

    i live in Europe and its from a place called Ikea! ^^
    The closet is 145cm * 220 cm

    heres a foto of the "bluelight"
    its got some "extra" blue parts in the light to help plants grow.

    If any else you see or wanna say please post it! =)

    Thanks ahead!

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  6. ur blue light aint a hps m8, i dunno wot it is but it aint hps, im guessing its just an incandesant. not good.

    if u want a hps then look at my post in this thread if ur in the uk or get some fluros.
  7. if its an HPS it will say HPS on it;)
  8. if it was hps it wud have a eddison screw fitting not a baynet fitting. the pic is a bit low res but that dont look like a screw to me.

    any chance of a pic of the balast that goes with that light?
  9. CFL, tube floro, Mh, and hps are the only lights to grow under for flower and veg.
  10. Your Blue Light is what we'd call a Grow Light in the US. It's designed to make your plans grow taller and more rigid, and is a good thing for the rest of your houseplants, but it won't help you grow good weed.
  11. mkaes sense. kinda

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