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  1. I know this I could find this elsewhere, but I don't wanna read through a bunch of shit. I have a trunk, an incadescent lamp, and your common everyday seeds from common everyday weed. I need to know the bare bones of what to do to grow weed. I cannot risk outside growing, even though it is pretty much too late in the season. I'm not trying to maximize plant size or anything, just save a bundle of dough by growing. Thanks much in advance.
  2. Well hello,

    Firstly a few questions, how big is the trunk you plan to grow in? and will this trunk have an air exchange?

    As far as growing with an incadesent light I personally would not advise that its a good idea, if your running on a budget then go with 2 24 inch floresent tubes, those will work alor better then the incadesent bulb, if your not on a budget go out and buy a 70 watt or 150 watt HPS light with ballast.

    Make sure your grow space is vented and has sufficent air flow, use a fan blowing on the plants 24 hours a day, it will cool the temps and add to vigorous stem thickness.

    As far as bag weed seeds, well ive gotten some nice plants to grow from them, so you might have great success.

    Let me know about the trunk size and il be able to better help you out, Take care

  3. Well it's like 2 feet from front to back, 1.5 feet deep, and id say 3.5 feet across. I cant have a fan or anything that will drain a lot of power or shine thru cuz of rents. Also, i can always just drill air holes right? like i said, im just trying to save a lil and not get caught. plus i cant even always hook up with anybody to exchange the stuff. thanks budguy.
  4. Howdy,

    Well Firstly if you are living with parents I wouldnt suggest growing at their house, it could get you and them in alot of trouble if discovered by wrong eyes, not only the fact that if they are against it they could possible kick you out of the house. But now that you know the fear factor of being discovered, il give you a few tips. A trunk grow would be easy enuf to keep hiden, just do these simple things, 1, dont tell your friends. 2, dont spend all your time in your room with your trunk. 3, dont let your parents see you with 5 gallon pails of water leading to your room.

    Now in the trunk you will need a small fan, whether its a small PC fan or what not, You will 100% need a fan, fans do not draw alot of electricity so have no fear on that, but you will need one, reason one being it will keep the air circulated, reason two being that it will grow thicker stems on the plants with air in there.
    As Far as lighting goes, got Home Depot and buy a 15$$ dual tube flouresent fixture 24" long and mount that to the lid or top of the trunk, incadesents use more power, burn hotter, and work worth a shit to grow plants.
    Flouros can grow decent weed as it has all the right color spectrums to do it. so go out and get a cheap flouresent light, youl thank me for it later.

    So heres a list of what youl need.

    1 small fan
    1 dual tube 24" flouresent light
    4-6 2 gallon sqaure pots
    1 bag of 40 litre promix
    1 container 20-20-20 fertilizer

    so there you have it for about $35.00-$40.00
    you can be growing weed, the only thing youl need are some seeds, if ya need some let me know and il toss you 10 nice seeds free of charge, just cuz ya seem like a cool kid.
    Hope this helps
    Budguy :)
  5. Thanks for all the help. Being that I live near woods, I may just grow there. Don't know if I ever will cuz of flouresent hum and just not being able to get that stuff discreetly. Maybe I will when I start driving. As for the seeds, thanks anyway, but I wouldn't trust the mail.
  6. Howdy,

    Flouresents HUM? do you mean make noise? if so I'm not sure what kind of flouros youve had , but i can safely 100% tell you they dont make any noise.

    As far as seeds go you can use bag seeds for your first grows. Seeds via the mail are pretty safe, again im not sure where your getting your sources from.

    Good luck
    Budguy :D

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