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  1. I'm new to growing, my plants just went into the flowering stage and have recently started to make buds. However the bottom leaves of the plants are turning crispy and falling off, could anybody tell me why? I use nutrients started at 1/4 of what's recommended idk what's going on?
  2. These are pics of top and bottom of my 2 plants....I really need some help and yes I know I have a shitty lab/grow spot but hey its working so far... So what should I do?

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  3. In order to get help you need to provide as much information as possible. Medium, age, nutes, lights, feeding schedule, etc, etc. Just based on what I see - you don't have enough light.
  4. Lower leaves often yellow, fall off and die. That's normal.

    You are going to be seriously disappointed if you don't get a real horticultural grade light cranking on that plant (s).

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  5. Timberwolves soil,been growing it since April, feed it miracle grow every week and it's on a 12/12 lighting schedule using 100w Led 1600 lumens... I'm going to add another light like that tonight
  6. With all due respect those lights are junk for gardening.

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  7. Its fine... Like I said I know its a shitty set up but I'm making it work with w.e I could afford and had access too.... So any other advice,?
  8. Sunlight? Best advice I've got - it NEEDS light - and as much as you can give it.

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