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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DuTaz, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. I have a started my grow 16 days ago ( thats when they went under the lights which are 400 HPS ) i started my plants in this soil " SHAMROCK NATURE'S OWN multi-purpose Compost " and i also add pearlite.
    1st Question is : was this the right soil to use ?

    2nd Question is : now that my plants are 16 days old is the soil still ok and should i be transplanting them yet to larger pots and if not yet when ?

    3rd Question is : ( my bottom leaves are turning Yellow and i have not started to use fertiliser yet ) is now a good time to start puting fertiliser in and if so WHAT KIND, HOW MUCH, AND HOW i know this might sound to be dumb but this is my first time growing

    4th Question is : is there a booster for the vegetation stage and if there is what kind do i get and is it really worth it ?

    Thanks for that help and if i can think of more question i will add them too lolol


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  2. Thanks for your advice

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  3. Hey DuTaz,I think that soil will be allright,although I don`t have personal experience with it.
    Shamrock, Natures Own Multi-Purpose Compost
    20 litres £2.98

    This had a very silky feel, and is clean, safe, pleasant and easy to use. It contains all the food and trace elements plants need for strong, healthy growth. This compost claims to retain the right balance of moisture, air and nutrients around the plant's roots. It is based on coconut fibre – a natural renewable resource which is a by-product of the coconut industry of Sri Lanka.

    Ya didn`t specify what size pots you have them in now.If your going to transplant,nows as good a time as any.If your leaves are turning yellow,you probably need to start fertilizing.Sounds like you have a nitrogen deficiency.These soiless mixs that have the nutes already in,aren`t going to be able to feed a high energy plant like marijuana.Start nutes as soon as possible.What are you using for nutrients?You shouldn`t need a booster if you have a good nutrient regimen.If you haven`t bought nutes yet,I can recommend several good nute systems.Hope this was of help.
  4. thanks for all your help i just transplanted them today into about a 2 gallon pots. Im keeping my fingers crossed lol

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