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Growing purple plants

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding' started by 420HighRoller, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. im about to start growing, and i really want to grow some purps because it is my favorite and i simply think its beautiful.

    i know a decent amount about genetics and the statistics that with it, but i have heard that flash freezing the plant (green) before harvest will cause it to turn the buds purple instead of green. i was wondering if anyone on here could confirm or deny this, and possibly explain how to do it.
  2. Purple color to increase upon maturation, a strain must have the genetic potential to create anthocyanin pigments. However, the color might never be shown if ecological conditions don't cause chlorophyll breakdown. Hindu Kush strains tend to develop purple bloom when subjected to low night temperatures during the end of their life cycles.

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