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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by butterfly, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. I planted some seeds today. I've never done this before, is it hard to grow, how many times a day should I water it? Does it need alot of sun?
  2. if your growing it outside just water it when the soil looks too dry, and keep bugs off it and your set... unless you want to get more technical about it, in which case youd have to find someone with outdoors expeirience... (not me)
  3. Are you growing outdoor, indoor?
    If indoor how big is your pot
    You should really water once a day
    Are you going to be using fertilizers, if so what kind
    Yes, you plant needs lots of light, the first week it should have at least 18 hours of lite, if not 24
    If all goes well in about a week your plant should begin to sprout
    Good luck

    Welcome to the city
  4. How does a plant get 18 hours of light? Are there even that many hours of light in a day? I only water them once a day, usually afternoon, cause thats when the soil starts to dry out from the heat.
  5. I meant if you are growing indoors and have lights on them, thats how they would get 18 hours of light
    But i gather u are outdoor growing
    once a day should be good, or when ever u feel the soil is getting dry
    good luck
  6. I'm depressed. My seeds haven't shown any sign of growth yet. I think it's cuz I didn't soak them in water or anything like that. it's been like a week since I planted them , do you think there dead, or just not going to grow, or should I leave them? How depressing.
  7. it might take another week.
  8. did you germinate your seeds?

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