growing pot outside in a cabinet

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Stoned_Stupid, Apr 23, 2004.

  1. I have a wall unit that has doors on it, i'm thinking of installing lights and a vent, and groing 2 plants in there. so since the unit is on my porch outside, would it be considered indoor or outdoor growing. any advice would be great, i'm a firt time grower long time user. thanks
  2. thanks for alll the help
  3. Well I can help ya. Using a little mathematical equation (similar to the one used freequently on pot-tv's grow show)

    The number of joints that some of the growers here smoke in a day


    The Fact that they have real lives to tend to (I.E. real jobs and families) and hence can't always be here.


    Your sorta rude and impatient outburst there (if you don't have a little patience then don't bother growing because if you harvest too soon you get shit bud by all accounts)


    The amount you have ever done for these guys and expect their help (which they are usually glad to give)


    Why they can't respond instantly and you should just be a little more sedated. Smoke a bowl or something.
  4. Posts so vacuous must either be from an underage brat, or a narcissitic narc. I must say the monikar(Stoned_Stupid indeed!) fits quite well. The best thing to do is shine'm on.
    Sometimes they turn out to be mentally/physically/learning challenged, like moi. Sincerity is a good sign. Reasonabilty is another. Sarcasm, retaliatory remarks, belligerance, and bellicosity are bad signs. Thus separating the tare from the grain.

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