Growing plants with Liquid THC as a nutrient?

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  1. Hey guys, I was wondering if this would work. I'm not even talking about just Cannabis plants, I am thinking what would happen if you grew something like a Tomato Plant with THC as a nutrient? I am obviously no scientist, and I have never even grown anything, But I have a general understanding of alot of things and I know how most stuff works.

    Now I know at room temperature THC is a solid. But obviously mixed with water or some other agent that could keep it liquidized, Probably something like olive oil, You could keep it a liquid.

    Let me know if im just to high or not

    Thanks guys
  2. Correct me if Im wrong, but wouldnt using an oil kill most plants?
  3. oil would kill a plant. Thc is either alcohol or fat soluble and both of them would kill ya plant. Jus stick to growing mj lol and not create a mutant thc plant
  4. Naw, I would rather go about and do something new and innovative rather than stick to just growing. Thank you though, Trust me there will be a way to mak THC a liquid tha wont kill a plant. Once MJ becomes legal across the state and is freely able to be scientifically tested, Amazing things will happen.
  5. or buy the liquid thc and crystalize it and smoke it lol easier
  6. Well, you could possibly take the liquid THC and inject it via needle into grapes, tomatoes, strawberries or anything else that has a high water content and just eat those, but I think that it may be a waste as well. I honestly think you should let this one go, although it does seem like an interesting idea. Sorry man.
  7. Well, I never intended it to be practical. I'm not on an aim to shoot for getting higher in some way. I just think the worlds Lemons should all become Super Lemon Haze's. Tomatoes need to be Beaster Tomatoes. maybe some Sour "Diesal" Apples. It would just be cool to do is all, not practical in the least. Unless somewhere down the line someone does find a way to grow THC Fruit, Then there would be a market for it.
  8. THC is not a nutrient.
  9. Nor are plants genetically programed to use THC as such.
  10. use your cuttings for mulch. probably only way to 'recycle' THC.
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    You really think innovation (in any industry) comes from complete newbies who have no experience in the field whatsoever? That's pretty naive don't you think. Yes, conceptual and creative thinking is necessary for innovation, but so is basic research. You don't reinvent the engine without understanding how an engine actually works, get it? Anyways, in my opinion feeding THC to plants to make them more potent is far from an innovative concept, it's more like a narrow minded and uninformed concept. You don't have the slightest understanding of plant biology, yet you're convinced there will be a "THC Liquid" created to feed cannabis plants and that it will actually increase THC levels?

    Baby steps Ninja. Baby steps.

    And anyways, scientists have already synthesized THC (meaning, they can create THC in the lab) and it is prescribed legally... ever heard of the US FDA approved drug Marinol (dranabinol)? I promise, no one is rushing to feed this to their plants.

  12. i aim to use this one day in my life ^^ cos its an epic statement. But i would still crystalise the liquid thc and smoke it lol
  13. Yea, The drug is called Delta-9 THC and it doesnt get you high man. Thus completely being irrelevant to my vision. Also, I believe I stated im not a scientest and that this whole idea is just that in itself, an idea. Though I understand it may be difficult for some people to get excited about such stupid things, I generally have a good life and live by a pretty good philosophy. I dont plan on being some big upstanding ontraprenous or anything. But just for the record, Thinking that Innovation and Good Concepts cant come from someone who is a newbie in the field.....>That's exactly what's wrong with our job system right now. What happened to everyone is created equal? Managers and bosses dont listen to the good idea's of their younger, less informed employee's even when the idea would have made them millions......Who does this sound like......Oh yea, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both have incessently interesteing and creative idea's back when they where just starting out soldering computers together in their garages and selling them out the door.

    Dont break my excitement and dreams just cause you dont have any.

    P.S. Sorry if that seemed harsh, But calling someone Naieve is far from appropriate either.
  14. It is true that all advancements start as heresy.

    However, it is not true that all heresy is an advancement.
  15. Unfortunately, I think the only way to do this would be to cross pollinate. And, in this case a tomato and mj are in two different species. Therefore, they can't be cross pollinated.

    Look, we can't all be Homer Simpson. (see Tomacco)

    Good luck.
  16. Damn.

    /Thread ladies and gentlemen.
  17. I suppose you could transplant the gene for THC production into a fruit/vegetable. Im no geneticist, but it sound fully possible with today's technology. Imagine: an apple bong made with a White Widow/Granny Smith GM cross.... can u say wasted?:smoking:
  18. Oh well, Thanks for all the input and stuff, very interesting stuff i gotta say.
  19. Delta 9-Tetrahydracannabinol is not Marinol...Marinol is not's a synthetic Cannabinoid

    D9-THC is a naturally occuring substance found in our lovely plant
    the Cannabinoid in Marinol is Dronabinol I think...

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