Growing Pics..5weeks? Need Exprts Advice

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by BlazeSugar420, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. Well my plants have been growing for about 5 weeks and this is my first time can anybody tell me what i should do to them?

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  2. FIrst priority would be getting them in their own pots, or in the ground. They are going to compete for root space and sun, killing off the weakest, and leaveing the one(s) that survived stressed anyway.
    Second, wait for mother nature to take its place and start flowering those hopefully girls.
  3. Alright its goin to start gettin cold here in Ny soon do u think i have enough time to grow them maturally?
  4. Its going to be cutting it short. Where do you live? Any normal grow is at least into thier 5th week of flowering so your kinda behind. You should be seeing the sexes preaty soon so you want to get all the stressfull tranplanting done ASAP.
  5. No, you dont. They arent even flowering yet and you are no more than a month away from being too cold. If you want to salvage them, the only thing to do is finish them inside. Next year start in May at the latest.
  6. i was thinkin bout puttin them inside in about 2 weeks or so , so i should not put them into the ground now? just seprate pots
  7. i Live upstate Albany
  8. This is a update of them Transplanted this morning what should be done now?

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  9. Do you have growing lights??
  10. Moving inside might be the only way to finish. You can get about 288 watts of CFL's for about $40(8 Cfl's x 36 watts, $5 dollars a piece)

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